Show Review: Brian Posehn with Ngaio Bealum at Cobb’s Comedy Club, 4/8/2011

by Laura Hamilton on April 12, 2011

Most of you know Brian from his various comedy roles on shows like Mr. Show and Just Shoot Me, and a few of you might know him as that creepy guys next door who enjoys night-digging. I know him as the funny stoner guy who enjoys vintage arcade games and SF strippers.

Whenever Brian passes through the Bay Area, I always try and catch his shows which prove to be both disgusting and hilarious. On his most recent visit, Brian mostly stuck to some of his older material that was featured in his last album – Fart and Wiener Jokes. If you have yet to hear these performances, I highly recommend you catch a show as the look of despair on Brian’s “rapey-face” only enhances the humor.

Brian also had some new material as a new father and his continued passion for metal. Don’t worry, the addition of the new baby failed to soften the blows of his politically incorrect punch-lines that hit you like the fat lunging Slayer fan who notices the last souvenir guitar pick in your clenched fist. Brian’s best new addition to his lineup involved Cape Fear Pantera followers and throat raping. Yes indeed, he is still the bitter nerd we love.

I should mention that the opening act, Ngaio Bealum, was especially good and deserves mention. Apparently Ngaio and Brian used to be SF roommates back in the day and had many adventures, most of which involved sitting on the couch and smoking pot. Ngaio is a veteran of the stage back to the same time Brian started invading our TVs. The audience was blinded by the polished act to the point where you almost wished Ngaio was the headliner. You can find this professor of ganja occasionally sharing the spotlight with Brian on The Sarah Silverman Program.

I got to meet Brian after the show briefly and I was happy to find out he was at least aware of Spinning Platters; however, I wouldn’t go so far as to call him a fanboy. (Editor’s Note: We gotta work on that.) Brian was very sweet and even a bit shy, which is always a pleasant surprise when you meet your heroes.

Make sure to bring some oregano with you to the show – Brian carries around naked pictures of Sarah Silverman with her personal email written on the back, and I’m sure he’s willing to make a trade.

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