Spinning Platters Weekly Guide to Bay Area Concerts, 4/7/11 – 4/13/11

by Dakin Hardwick on April 6, 2011

Sorry, Tsunami aren't getting back together to raise money to help earthquake victims. But opportunity to raise money & have fun doing it still exists. Just read on!

This week kicks off week one of Fauxchella, the awesome assortment of bands that are also playing Coachella, only we get full length sets, with air conditioning and sound checks. Another reason the Bay Area is better than Southern California. Enjoy the shows!

Thursday, April 7th

The Sounds, K Flay at Rickshaw Stop (Popscene)

The last time Swedish popsters The Sounds played in the US, it was in gigantic sheds opening for No Doubt. For this tour, they’ve opted to play significantly smaller venues. This is a pretty tough tickets, but it will be worth your while to try to slide your way into a sold out popscene gig.

Peelander-Z, Anamanguchi, The Glowing Stars at DNA Lounge

Friday, April 8th

Volbeat, The Damned Things, Hourglass at The Fillmore

Volbeat are really awesome. There have a bit of riff metal, a bit of rockabilly, and a bit of something that can only be thought of as Danzig-y. But don’t take my word for it, listen for yourself:

Or, The Whale, Chamberlin, Steve Taylor at Rickshaw Stop

Saturday, April 9th

Henry Rollins: 50 at  The Independent

How does Henry Rollins celebrate his 50th year on planet Earth? By traveling across country and totally destroying it’s stages using nothing but his microphone & wit. This tour has no official theme, so Rollins will be discussing whatever he pleases, and that should please you, as well.

Papercuts, Banjo Or Freakout at Cafe du Nord

It doesn’t hurt that Papercuts’ keyboardist is one of closest friends from college, but nevertheless, I’d be a fan of this band if I didn’t know them. They play some awesome, hooky, sunshiny pop music that is dripping with reverb.

The Submarines, Nik Freita at Slim’s

Sunday, April 10th

Tsunamis Aren’t Funny (But We Are): A Comedy Benefit For Japan at Rickshaw Stop

DISCLAIMER: One of the comedians playing this gig holds much power over me in my day job.

OTHER DISCLAIMER: Another one of these comedians is a woman that I have never met, but she’s so funny and awesome that I want to be her best friend.

FINAL DISCLAIMER: 100% of the proceeds from this event, which is a rare comedy show at the awesome (& BART Friendly) Rickshaw Stop, will be going to the Red Cross’ efforts in Japan. (The charitable organization, not the band. Redd Kross are aren’t doing quite as much in Japan these days)


Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Farewell Show at The Independent

Sometimes, you always tell yourself that you will see a band, but they play so often that you always think that you’ll catch them next time. Well, after nearly a decade of being the most productive experimental bands in the bay area, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum are putting their blend of metal, classical, avant garde, and pure weirdness to bed. They are doing two final gigs, just to say goodbye. The 8 PM show is sold out, so grab tickets to the afternoon gig ASAP, or else you may regret it forever.

The Meatmen, Arnocorps, Hammerlock, Against The Grain at Oakland Metro

Monday, April 11th

Sarah Silverman, Chelsea Peretti at Zellerbach Hall

Sarah Silverman is not widely considered to be a musician. And this show will probably not be a music show. But, it really is the best gig in town tonight. She has been off the radar for a few years, and if you are following her on twitter, you will learn that she has spent that time growing up, which could be dangerous for a comedian that isn’t as smart as Silverman. This is going to be a darn fine show.


Tuesday, April 12th

Bright Eyes, Farmer Dave Scherr at The Fox Theater – Oakland

Yes, Bright Eyes. People mock him relentlessly, but few people are as gifted musicians and performers as the great Conor Oberst, and he seems to be retiring the Bright Eyes moniker soon, which means that you may never some of these great songs live again:

Scala & Kolancy Brothers at The Independent

Ms Lauryn Hill, Hot 8 Brass Band at The Warfield

Wednesday, April 13th

Lightning Bolt, TITS, High Castle at Rickshaw Stop

After a lengthy hiatus, including sometime where drummer Brian Chippendale took off to record and tour with Bjork, we have one of the finest noise bands ever back. It feels good, too!

Broken Social Scene, Gord Downie at The Warfield

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