Spinning Platters Weekly Guide to Bay Area Concerts, 2/17/11 – 2/23/11

by Gordon Elgart on February 17, 2011

A different gang of four guys is playing at The Fillmore this weekend.

Next week is Noise Pop! If you’re not excited about Noise Pop for some reason, get excited about it! Look left, right now, see the pretty advertisement for the festival, click on it, and buy some tickets to something. But if you’re some sort of meany who hates Noise Pop and everything they stand for, there’s still plenty of shows for the likes of you. We don’t support the skipping of Noise Pop, but we do appreciate the variety of shows available this coming week. You can dance, wear purple, or be a black emperor. It’s a doozy!

Thursday, February 17th

Cake (one last time) at The Fillmore

When Cake is motivated, they’re a super-fun live band. (When they’re not, they’re as ho-hum as can be.) From all accounts, these Fillmore shows have been good. So if you like Cake, and you haven’t gone to one yet (because of the 35% service charge maybe), get your crap together this afternoon and go!

Friday, February 18th

Chromeo with MNDR and The Suzan at The Fox Oakland

It’s time to dance in Oakland. They’ll be wrist-banding the floor at this show, so if you don’t have floor tickets you won’t get on the floor. Please be nice to the ushers when they explain this; they’re volunteers who just want to dance, too. Tonight, you can stay for the after-party in The Den to see a DJ set by MNDR, too.

The Frustrators, Bobby Joe Ebola, Emily’s Army et al at 924 Gilman (also Sunday at Rickshaw Stop and Wednesday at the Command Center in Oakland)

Mike Dirnt, part owner of my girlfriend’s favorite restaurant, brings his “other” band on a short California tour this week, and you’ve got multiple chances to see it. Ask him for a Shaking Jessie!

Saturday, February 19th

Gang of Four with Hollerado at The Fillmore

Man, Gang of Four is awesome, but if you don’t get there on time to see Hollerado, I don’t want to hear about it.

Sunday, February 20th

Godspeed You! Black Emperor at Great American Music Hall (also Saturday at the Warfield, and Monday again at GAMH, all sold out)

If I had a nickel for everyone I’ve told about seeing this band who then said, “who the heck is that,” I’d be able to buy a domain and start a website talking about people asking me who a popular band is. Just close your eyes and listen. A TON of people use their music to make their own short films. Here’s one:

Monday, February 21st

Prince at Oracle Arena (also Wednesday)

When I woke up this Monday, there was no Prince show in Oakland. Now, there’s two. I’m not going to either. I’m only slightly bitter about this. Even though some people are saying this is a “once in a lifetime” opportunity, I’ve seen Prince before. I’ve also seen Purple Reign. I’m good. No question this will be awesome, though. But I swear I don’t care that I’m not going. Not at all. Nope. Doesn’t matter one bit.

(This would be a YouTube Prince video, but Prince hates YouTube.)

Man or Astroman? with Octopus Project at The Independent

If I didn’t have tickets to Godspeed You! Black Emperor tonight, I’d see Prince. But if I couldn’t see Prince or GY!BE, I’d be seeing Man or Astroman? I’m officially mad at this show for being the same night as the other shows.

Tuesday, Feburary 22nd

Linkin Park with Prodigy at HP Pavilion

I think Dakin asked me to write this week’s column just so I could talk about this show, which I’ll be attending. It’s no secret that A Thousand Suns was my favorite album of 2010. And as much as I like the band, I’ll admit that they can be hit-or-miss as a live act. Although Mike Shinoda always looks like he’s having the best time on stage, which is infectious, Chester Bennington can be the best singer in the world one night and a bundle of off-tune screaming another night. Let’s hope it’s a good night. And in case it gets cold from all the ice in the Shark Tank, they’re bringing along a firestarter.

Yo La Tengo with The Urinals at The Fox Oakland

They’ll be spinning a wheel to pick which songs to play. That’s fun.

Wednesday, February 23rd

Dan Deacon with Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, Sister Crayon and Lily Taylor at Rickshaw Stop

When I first heard Bromst, I hated it. But after being led into a giant circle to dance with a bunch of strangers in the middle of the San Francisco Bay last fall, I was a fan. Now I know the secret: everyone dances inside the circle. The most fun you’ll have at a show all week.

Pendulum with innerpartysystem at The Fillmore

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