Spinning Platters Interview: MC Zumbi of Zion I

by Matthew Blake on January 21, 2011

Fresh off the huge success of their most recent release, Atomic Clock, local hip-hop legends Zion I play to a hometown crowd at The New Parish in Oakland this Friday night.  Spinning Platters caught up with a busy MC Zumbi for a couple of questions…

With your latest release, Atomic Clock, having been on top of the college radio charts for some time now, how do you feel the public has received this album?

Folks are definitely feeling the album, which is a blessing.

With Martin Luther King Day just passing, what are your thoughts regarding the impact that black musicians have had on modern music?

Black music has helped to shape the modern world quite obviously.  We are the creators of style, though once created, we have struggled to maintain control of the art-forms that we father.  Yet in still, the love has still been given out, and thats what music is all about.

You have a highly anticipated show at The New Parish in Oakland this Friday.  How do you feel local shows compare to performances on the road?

Hometown shows are gauges of how hard we are hitting at the moment.  Shows on the road go up and down according to locations, but hometown shows reveal the real impact.

Anticipating the March release of another collaboration album with The Grouch, describe how it is to make music with another local legend.

We are all colleagues and peers, and I know that I am in good company.  We all have a passionate desire to enlighten people through music.

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