Show Review: Lucha VaVOOM at The Fillmore, 10/31/2010

by Gordon Elgart on November 1, 2010

Lucha, VaVoom or both? Depends on your perspective.

A music blog reviewing a wrestling show? I thought the same thing moments after I agreed to review Lucha VaVOOM at The Fillmore on Halloween. But I had seen this event on the calendar multiple times, always thought about going, and figured there’s certainly going to be enough musical content to warrant a review. While apart from the theme music of Los Pollos Locos there wasn’t much music to talk about, I did find a whole lot of fun.

This show is a mixture of Mexican-style wrestling, complete with crazy colorful outfits and outlandish stunts (Lucha) and some striptease and burlesque acts (VaVOOM). Meanwhile, up in the balcony of The Fillmore, our co-hosts do live pun-filled commentary on the whole event. If you let yourself get involved from moment one, it would be impossible not to enjoy.

After you take the Lucha VAVOOM pledge “I solemnly swear that I will not believe anything I am about to see,” the next thing you need to know to participate is that every time someone in the act says “Lucha,” you’re responsible for shouting back with “VaVOOM!” This gets repeated over and over again, as it serves as the punctuation for the hosts’ jokes. Whenever their material has reached its logical (or illogical) confusion, one of the hosts simply yells “Lucha!” as a reset. It works well to keep the show moving.

"Hot Chocolate" laughing at his fallen opponent.

Seeing a wrestling ring on stage at The Fillmore is enough of a head trip, but as our heels and good guys were being announced, I discovered that there are regulars at this event, and established fan favorites. The absolute best are the chickens, Los Pollos Locos, who have an amazing theme song, tremendous costumes, and never stop moving enough to be properly photographed. The DJ, “Enrique Iglesias,” plays the wrestlers’ theme music whenever they’re doing, or about to do, a signature move, and every time the chickens’ theme music is played, the crowd erupts in clapping stomping unison. You’d do it, too.

This is one skilled hooper.

The VaVOOM part ranges from basic solo stripteases to amazing feats of pastie-tassle spinning to the utter highlight, the amazing hoop skills of Karis. To the tune of a remix of Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus,” Karis shows off some ridiculous moves.  Throughout the night, there’s a great variety of costumes and body types, so whatever you like is probably represented.

There's even an Internet meme on stage.

Some of the comedy ought to feel a bit forced, like the bit with Internet video star, and actual German singing sensation Heino. It’s not the real Heino (he’s 72), but a replica. He sings a faux German version of “Tequila,” which may be a nod to the drink company that sponsors the event. Either way, it’s a nice break in the action, and the crowd eats it up.

Our hosts made several references to the history of The Fillmore, including the Halloween tradition of having The Cramps play there. While I don’t know if this is set to take over that tradition, it wouldn’t be horrible. When the audience is wearing as many costumes as the performers on stage, you’re bound to find a lively crowd. If Lucha VaVOOM comes to your town, throw on a crazy mask, take the pledge, and have a great time.

Avoiding an obvious joke here, but you can make it if you'd like.

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John Marcher November 2, 2010 at 2:18 am

I’ve been wanting to go to this for about a year. Now I’m compelled to do so.


Gordon Elgart November 2, 2010 at 6:35 pm

I’m glad I could provide the impetus you needed!


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