Show Review: Rondo Brothers with Oona, King Midas in Reverse and Matthew Hansen at Slim’s, 8/26/2010

by Emily Anderson on August 30, 2010

On Thursday night, Slim’s hosted a dynamic range of Bay Area music.  Opening with R&B, eased into alternative rock, Pop with soul, then jumped into Hip Hop and ended with fans twirling to Electric Trance. Contrary to logic, the various of styles had a smooth transition from one band’s music flavor to another, which was appreciated by a tight crowd as loyal as family.

Matthew Hansen kicked it off his new album that gives rhythm to all emotions.  His charismatic performance blended with musical passion truly connected to the audience as if they were long lost relatives.

King Midas In Reverse started with their first song on their new album Everything Gets Better.  The set had a mystic twang, multiple amazing guitar rifs with smooth pop lyrics.  They closed with “Fade Away From the Brain,” which had electric hum that moved everyone into a hypnotic dream.

Oona woke everyone up with  “Here I Am.” Yes! She unmistakably, absolutely delivered an upfront and to-the-edge performance with kickin’ lyrics and strong, dynamic vocals.  Alex Doty gave a sweet guitar rift, which was just one of the many superstar moments during the segment.  The audience busted to the front of the stage and demanded more long after the curtain.

The Rondo Brothers are difficult to categorize into a specific music genre. Each song contains a mixed variety from unexpected references, such as an old Beach Boy melody with creative rap lyrics like  “All my friends are Cardboard People.”  Bay Area Artist/Rapper Motion Man is teaming up with Rondo Brothers to give a fresh innovative sound to the music industry.  It is unmistakeably noticeable when Motion Man is on stage as he definitely checks the audience into a hip-hop movement that can not be matched.  Rondo Brothers finished with a twirling jam with an unexpected jazzy bebop girl from the crowd, who felt self-empowered to jump on stage and grab the mic.


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