New Release Round Up for July 2010 – 37 Instant Album Reviews

by Pouria Yazdi on July 30, 2010

Who doesn't love a cat?

It has been a few weeks. Figuring out how to best use Rdio has been a bit of a trial. I think I’m getting there, so bear with me.

Maya by M.I.A. – Lame. Straight up doing too much. I guess really serious people who want to be in her corner will dig this. I was hoping for a good album but this is like a bad reggae dream.

Dark Night of The Soul by Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse – Anytime you start off with the Flaming Lips, I consider that a good start.

Symphonicities by Sting – This album is a reworking of his old songs with symphony shit. In other words a mistake.

King Of The Beach by Wavves – I’d like to call this fantasy surf rock.

Black & White by The Maine – I feel like the adults at the prom committee would enjoy this one.

Pilot Talk by Curren$y – This album gets better as it goes on. I was hesitant after the first track but it is basically tight.

Blue Giant by Blue Giant – Flowery, flowy dress wearer and plaid shirt levis donner, this album is for you. You will delight in the music that moves your blood and lifts up your Miller High Life bearing hand. With the talent in this group you will find yourself feeling like you should like this album…it’s alright.

Horse Power EP by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – Synths, voices, lyrics, and sounds. Soothing sounds.

When Everything Breaks Open by Matt Morris – You know when an album is about to start and you’re like, this is going to suck? It happened this time.

The Ocean Likes To Party Too by Miss TK & The Revenge – I imagine the girls on this band think they’re super hot and like to flaunt their wanton sexuality on the stage. Snoozer.

New Politics by New Politics – Lately we’ve been having throwback bands, but I don’t know why someone would want to do a Sugar Ray tribute band.

5 – EP by Die Antwoord – I am a butterfly or am I a ninja? I love that this album fully uses the potential of my old-school speakers to cause my apartment to shake. I’m definitely watching these guys at Treasure Island Music Festival.

Bananfluer Overalt EP by Jaga Jazzist – Some good beats but way to chill back for me.

Life Goes On by The Adicts – People get tattoos of these guys on their fucking heads. They’re fun to list to.

Teflon Don by Rick Ross – He wants people to remember him like John Lennon. That’d be nice. We can all dream. Also, I don’t think Master P is on this track, but it sure sounds like his signature groan is on there.

Deadmalls and Nightfalls by Frontier Ruckus – Sounds like a a more country Decemberists.

Obadiah by Frazey Ford – Like that murmuring Chapman/Holland shakey whispery thing. Good one to impress your sig. other with. They’ll be surprised at your sensitive/crunchy side.

The Heart by Jimmy Gnecco – Dude looks a little like Vincent Gallo. I mean with the album cover you’d expect some pretty hard shit. It’s more like slow shit. Not in a bad sense though, just not in a very interesting sense for me.

Beyond the Valley of Ultrahits by Richard Youngs – Some English dude with a synthesizer and some effects and some instruments. I guess if you’re into eighties music and want to find new forms and branches of new wave then head this way.

River Run by Sunbirds – Promising little English EP.

Rocksteady by Big Head Todd and The Monsters – At first I was like this music is for mountain wineries. I think now it is more like for fancy summer bbqs where people are wearing loose clothing because of the heat, drinking coronas and grilling meats.

Crown Of Thorns by Rakaa – Splatter rap.

The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday by 12 Stones – This isn’t going to be any good.

Hold You by Gyptian – Breathy dub. Plus he took the e off Egyptian. Clever.

Crazy For You by Best Coast – This band sounds pretty great. Like they have a real emotional secret that only driving rock beats with a voice distortion can solve.

Mines by Menomena – Mmm. Yea, fans of good sounding music will like this. First starts out like a lazy King of Leons but then turns into a band that sounds like it’s headed by David Bazan. The Bazany songs are especially good.

F O R T R E S S by Miniature Tigers – Like a cross between Boy Least Likely To and Kelley Stoltz. Also good.

An Airplane Carried Me To Bed by Sky Sailing – Sounds like that Owl City motherfucker. Somewhere a 15 year old is writing in their journal.

On The Outside by Starsailor – A little too ambitious for me. Britrock can do that, like it’s important or something.

I Can Change by LCD Soundsystem – Am I going to say anything bad about these guys? No.

The Moment by Atomic Tom – I don’t dig anything about this album.

Gold on Gold by Clubfeet – Some covers, surprisingly depressing AND fun. Who knew. Sometimes funky and sometimes sad. I like it enough.

Tiger Flower Circle Sun by Christopher Willits – Electronica for those who don’t like showering.

Bewildered Herd by The Dead Kenny G’s – This one is really confusing. Like acid jazz punk funk on acid. It’s kinda too upper hemisphere for me.

Many Colored Kite by Mark Olson – Uggh. Straight-up going after my patchouli bone.

Not Coming Home EP by Cats & Criminals – Sounds like Ricky Iglesias produced this one.

Tranceporter by Perplex – With an album title like that I really don’t need to summarize this one.

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Tony July 30, 2010 at 8:07 pm

SKy Sailing IS the Owl City guy.

I saw New Politics recently and they are definitely not a Sugar Ray cover band, more Linkin Park.

The Like is a good one that you missed.

Good to see this again, monthly seems like a good idea.


Dakin Hardwick July 30, 2010 at 10:59 pm

It looks like New Politics and New Politics Play are different bands. And New Politics are the most painful thing on earth. I saw them open for Hole in Austin, and they managed to alienate every female in the room. And, since they played between Patrick Stump and Hole, there was a lot of alienation going on.


Tony July 31, 2010 at 8:07 am

I definitely saw New Politics and they were pretty bad, at a family show (free in the park kind of thing) every other word was an f-bomb. They were not as bad as I thought they would be but still not sounding like Sugar Ray.


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