Show Review: Ani DiFranco at Ex’pression College For Digital Arts, 6/24/2010

by Christopher Rogers on June 29, 2010

Ani finds happiness in striving.

Ani DiFranco played a set of new unreleased songs before a tiny audience of mostly students at Ex’pression College Of Digital Arts in Emeryville.

Opening with an atonal labor song from the 1930s that she’d written new verses for, DiFranco invited the crowd to sing along.

“Pete Seeger would be proud of us.” said The Little Folksinger through her grin.

With well-broken-in chord patterns and the familiar snap of her voice, the sound of decades of songwork in the air felt as comfortable as a comfy deck chair.

The years have not dimmed her political fire: one new song directly demands an constitutional amendment granting equal rights to women.

Lots of grins, lots of urging.

What’s different? Where along the way many of her songs were about struggling in different ways toward her own form of happiness, quite a few of these new songs talk about what to do when you’re closer to your ideal than you might have previously believed possible. Songs about being happy with where she’s at and urging others onward in whatever way works best for whomever. A lot of urging and a lot of smiles. She’s rooting on her audience as her audience roots for her.

“I love my job!” she said from the stage. It shows.

Set list:

Which Side?
Life Boat
See See

Ani's own set list

Watch the full performance here at Thanks to Jonathan Pirro, who made this story possible.

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