New Release Round Up 4/20/10 – 43 Instant Album Reviews

by Pouria Yazdi on April 24, 2010

What's better than some 420 on 4/20? When one of these comes out.

Man I got through a lot of albums this week. Not a record but I kinda don’t know where I’m at right now. Need to go outside and lay in the sun.

All Days Are Nights: Songs For Lulu by Rufus Wainwright – I think Rufus must really like Radiohead. But the difference here is that Radiohead sound good when they’re all depressed.

My Best Friend Is You by Kate Nash – Not the best album I’ve heard, but give it a shot. There’s nothing much terrible with it, just more mundane subject matter.

I Am What I Am by Merle Haggard – Perfect title for a country album. I’m never going to change sort of stuff. But the album is mostly slow and rambling love songs, I guess that’s to be expected.

Rise Up by Cypress Hill – I remember first listening to Cypress Hill, I found it deliciously naughty. This particular album starts off surprisingly strong. Absent of those overly weed-infused lyrics. Then they get into a cruise with the weed-infused lyrics. Overall decently good.

Infestation by Ratt – I kinda dig that they’re doing hard rock circa their time. This is fun to listen to. The songs aren’t complex at all in structure, thus easy to listen to. If you’re looking to rock your hard rock codpiece this is a good album to put on your platter.

Fire Away by Ozomatli – Typical Ozomatli. Fun dance, Latin flavored, inspire you, music.

Tears, Lies, And Alibis by Shelby Lynne – First song sounds like anything else but you but a little faster and with poppy jazz guitar solos. A good cougar album.

True Love Cast Out All Evil by Okkervil River, Roky Erickson – Feels like the type of album where someone is trying to be like, “look at this musical legend you don’t know about.” Meh.

Country Music by Willie Nelson – Willie singing country. Released on 4/20. That’s called activism.

Cold Day Memory by Sevendust – There is a lot of urgency here. Not sure what for, but a lot of it. The urgency doesn’t sound bad either. I think if I was into this kind of rock I would like this album.

Blue Sky Noise by Circa Survive – Sounds like a child singing hard rock. It sounds kinda good.

Koonyum Sun by Xavier Rudd – Another appropriate release for this song. Uses of the didgeridoo and aboriginal elements. Lots of inspirational elements to feel good while smoking up a spliff.

KHAN! The Me Generation by Andre Nickatina – Andre has a lot of love in the Bay. All my cousins are about him. He must put on a great live show.

Suite 420 by Devin The Dude – What you always get with Devin is real smooth and banging bass, all kinds of love for weed, and sometimes a soul vibin. He’s one of the best in the industry and hardly recognized for it.

Tango 3.0 by Gotan Project – This album is fucking cool. Makes you feel like a gypsy traveler, but one that wears suits and has lost touch with their cultural heritage.

Long Live The Kings by Kottonmouth Kings – They’re talking about how they’ve always been on top…I gotta figure out where exactly they started.

Swim by Caribou – Some really interesting loops. Trilly horns, untoward percussion, and synthy sitarry strings. Best listened to whilst making a kick ass dinner party for your friends, with recopies you found on the internet. You love to cook while shaking your ass and shaking your head. Imagine bumping side hip with your cooking partner. The track Leave House rules.

Travellers in Space and Time by The Apples In Stereo – Electro-poppy cutesy lady voices, hoarse-nerdy-voiced dudes…layers. Upbeat horns. This is great if you’re having a water balloon fight that really defines the group’s friendship level. Smiles.

Thistled Spring by Horse Feathers – Strings and emotions and folk. Pretty.

LeftBack by Little Brother – “I’m so naughty, surrounded by fake tits, like I’m at a Tupperware party.” That is awesome. This album is cool. Great lyrics and beats.

Streetlights by Kurupt – Got some beats that are awesome. Who woulda thunk two back to back rap albums that I like. Cool.

La La Land by Plants and Animals – Sounds like if CSN did indie jams.

Magnetic North by Aqualung – Lots of yearning moans on this one.

Magic For Everybody by Sam Phillips – Kinda boring British sadness music.

The Words You Don’t Swallow by Anarbor – Alterna rock that’s like I don’t know…the stuff I don’t listen to. Strong vocals, reminds me of driving my car in the late nineties and changing the radio station.

Right Road Now by Whitney Duncan – I missed this one during lunch because I forgot to press pause. That’s totally fine that I missed this one. She is also fine.

Spirit Youth by The Depreciation Guild – It’s like a grungy Radiohead.

Sleep Mountain by The Kissaway Trail – Kind of like a mellower, less going-on, Arcade Fire/Explosions in the Sky vibe. It gets real good towards the middle.

Thing by Trans Am – From a band named Trans Am I expected something a bit different. I think I’d listen to this in a Saab. Electronic beats mixed in with rock rhythms.

Chroma Cannon by Prizzy Prizzy Please – Liked their last album better. This one is alright. Gets better as the album goes on.

Power Down by Tremendous Fucking – Like a hard unicorn.

Late Works by John Zorn & Fred Frith – Jeezus, no wonder stuff like this is hid in the back. Sounds like someone steeped on my tail, and I’m not enjoying it.

Clinging To A Scheme by The Radio Dept. – Overall I dig this album. Really dug “Heaven’s On Fire.” Of course they’re from fucking Sweden.

Flip and Twist by Toots & The Maytals – Well, it is Toots. But it’s not that great. I feel bad because he pointed at me and told me I had soul. His Higher Ground cover is surprisingly good though.

Woof Woof EP by Dan Deacon – I like this one. Makes me feel like I’m in some hip city club, not getting any numbers, but that’s okay cuz I’m enjoying being drunk and dancing.

Honey by Open Hand – The first two tracks are polar opposites. I prefer the more updated sound of “Bre” with the female vocal lead. Not into the rest of it. Too droning, like someone whispering rock into my ears.

Way Down Here by Cuff The Duke – Released a little while ago in Canada, just crossed the border. It’s that popular folk-rock. I’m pretty positive my friend from Duluth would like this. That’s a good thing.

Future Paths by Discover America – I want to like this band. I like the lyrics, I like the music, but I can’t get behind the vocals. Maybe I should listen to it more.

New Home by La Strada – Man I wish I could get a bead on these guys. Sometimes they sound like early Mason Jennings with strings, other times like a gypsy band, and others like a calypso group. Mostly it’s good though, check it out.

Please Leave My Mind by Shortstack – I was really digging this bluesy twang, and then realized this is a D.C. band…even cooler, even though they’re music is like mildly good

Feathersongs for Factory Girls, Part One – EP by Stripmall Architecture – Can’t wait for part two. CD release on the 23rd at Cafe du Nord? Hmmm, might have to be there.

Kitsuné Maison Compilation 9 (Petit Bateau Edition) by Various Artists – Undoubtedly the best thing I’ve listened to all week. If you haven’t listened to one of their compilations, please stop what you’re doing and sort your life out.

My Guilty Pleasure Remixes EP by Sally Shapiro – Another Swedish person. Dude, the Swedes might be the coolest people on earth. This one has a bit too much on the repetitive scale, but that’s alright. Swedes are still cool.

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