New Release Round Up, 4/13/10 – 35 Instant Album Reviews

by Pouria Yazdi on April 16, 2010

This is the album I made Pouria listen to for skipping last week's column

Sorry to everyone who expected to see this last week. Due to some unexpected laziness I only listened to new releases and didn’t review them. There was general outrage and I won’t do it again.

Leave Your Sleep by Natalie Merchant – Sounds like Natalie really loves her some Sting. So much so she made homage to Fields of Gold.

Emotion & Commotion by Jeff Beck – I am pretty pleased with the album cover. I wish I had that on a hat. Music makes me want to barf though.

Year Of The Black Rainbow by Coheed & Cambria – Who came up with that album title? Coulda been the year of the loud silence. Lots of shredding and lyrics about how bad one’s life is. Yea, living in affluence is the worst.

Congratulations by MGMT – I don’t know about this album at all. These guys were the hot shit, this album is kinda boring. A lot of better stuff out there.

With A Twist by Straight No Chaser – At first I was like, great funny album cover…but it’s no joke. The album is a very serious acapella album of covers. That’s about as serious as you are ever gonna get.

Achin’ And Shakin’ by Laura Bell Bundy – Having a deviant mind, my head went in one specific direction when reading the title of this album. Specifically of the boudoir. Nothing dirty about this album, unfortunately. Pretty standard country album about lost loves and sadness.

Fornever by Murs & 9th Wonder – I did not want to like this album. I felt very good about not liking it after the first track cuz I hated that. But the rest of the album has seduced me. Good job guys.

Nothing Gold Can Stay by New Found Glory – Isn’t this music supposed to be from the nineties?

The Dark Leaves by Matt Pond PA – “Or just keep dancing with your chin and vacant stare,” then some lyric ending in “chair.” Sounds like a mix of Boy Least Likely To and Elliot Smith. Yea, imagine that.

Palomino by Trampled by Turtles – Hey so do you like cool banjos and fiddles with lyrics about awesomeness? I know I do. I like this album. Lyrics about drinking, happiness, and sadness.

You I Wind Land And Sea by Justin Nozuka – This seems like it was birthed from the 90’s soft rock “movement.”

Tommy by Dosh – Many different noises and instruments layered upon each other to make a noise reminiscent of music. Loops.

Foxy Shazam by Foxy Shazam – Well, if you like a Queen style rock band that’s not Queen. If you like shriekers backed by a lot of yellers to invoke your eye of the tiger bone then this is for you.

Secret Agent by Tony Allen – I was like, “Whoa sounds like Fela.” Looked the guy up and it makes sense because he used to be the drummer and composer for Mr. Kuti. If you like Fela you will like this.

Bears, Mayors, Scraps, & Bones by Cancer Bats – I don’t know the difference between Hard Rock and Metal…I’m sure the interwebs does. Lala seems to think this is hard rock. There is shredding, both of guitars and vocal chords.

Got Cock? by Revolting Cocks – I really can’t take anymore shredding guitars.

That Man Eats Morning For Breakfast by Surprise Me Mr. Davis – I can’t get a bead on this band. I realllllly dug the second track “Sissyfuss.” But then not so much. Pretty much some straight up long-arcing-strumming-methodical rock.

$ by Mark Sultan – Like an Animals album if it were on a mixture of speed and mushrooms. Mostly ‘shrooms. Lots.

The Outsiders Are Back by Kings Go Forth – Got that Sharon Jones/Dap style but with more of an O’Jays feel. Also their drummer rules.

Siamese by Wumpscut – I want to call this industrial electronica, is that right? Doesn’t matter though, it’s like mechanically depressing.

Agridustrial by Legendary Shack Shakers – Lots of anger and rock. Not anger in the way of like metal…but I guess if Weird Al actually made a serious album it would sound like this.

Juices by Ferocious Few – Muted garagey rock.

Realities by The Spill Canvas – This is the type of album that you’d listen to while getting your braces off.

Philly’s Most Wanted by Beanie Sigel – Sounds like a demo album. Most of the tracks are super short. Plus they got the announcement of who’s the DJ. Don’t think anyone needs to listen to this.

The Wild Hunt by The Tallest Man On Earth – I guess it sounds nice. Dylan fans will like him. Didn’t grab me.

Direct Action by The Alarm – Rotates from U2 to a softer AC/DC. Basically un-good.

Virtues by Amber Pacific – Another band that is suited for the fans of Vampire Diaries.

The Scientist Rids the World of the Evil Curse of The Intergalactic Vampire by The Scientist – I wasn’t going to listen to this album because it’s reggae. Well, look at that album title then get blown away by the cover art. It’s ONLY two reggae songs; I can sit through that to honor the awesomeness of the album cover. Shit, I’ll even enjoy it.

The Distance In Between by Matthew Perryman Jones – You’ve really got to believe in hot cocoa romances for these jams.

Next In Line by LMNO – This is starting off by letting you know what it’s like to stand in line at a record store. Here’s something from his Wikipedia page “Hanging out in the culturally diverse terrain of Long Beach, LMNO was engulfed in everything from hip-hop, gangsters, to backyard parties with bands such as Sublime, inspiring the budding musician.”

Chamberlain Waits by The Menzingers – Meh. I could take it or leave it. I’ll be leaving it I guess.

The City That Sleeps by A Silent Film – Is there a boy band thing going on here? It’s like Brit-rock, with harmonies, synths, rhythm guitar…and 4 guys singing about love. “I want you to define me.”

Animal Feelings by Rafter – I can safely say nerd pop on this one. I just don’t get what these songs are for…not dancing…not sitting around relaxing…not even playing video games. They are definitely weird and maybe that’s the point?

Lux by Disappears – I am glad I stayed strong listening through a whole bunch of crap albums, because I got to listen to this. I guess since I’ve been listening to The Modern Lovers lately, that this is really appealing to me, but dude this rules. After the first track its fast beats, awesome sounds, makes me wish I was at their show right now.

Not Even In July by JBM – So what? I like this. Slow, sad music. But it’s good and hypnotic. Dug.

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