Show Review: Flosstradamus at The Independent, 4/3/10

by David Price on April 6, 2010

When will they put the Spinning Platters laptop sticker on there?

Flosstradamus isn’t really one of those groups that you’d want to go “see.” Flosstradamus is really a group that you go to simply dance to. Think of The Independent as your living room and these hundred or so random folks as some of your closest friends. Now turn down the lights, and turn up the Flosstradamus.

As Flosstradamus starts to play some tracks, the crowd that was reluctant to show any amount of enthusiasm towards the opening two DJs quickly warmed up to Flosstradamus. To get the crowd moving, they dropped a lot of high energy remixes right off the bat. A handful of Kid Sister remixes and samples was to be expected, and was appreciated.

However, it wasnt until later in the set that Flosstradamus brought home the feeling that Flosstradamus was playing in your place, dropping tracks like “Jump” from Kris Kross and  “Groove is in the Heart” by Dee-Lite. You get the idea that J2K (Josh Young) and Autobot (Curt Cameruci) are doing exactly what you’d do with your friends at any inpromptu dance party, the alternating of picking tracks from your childhood to one-up each other in the “OHHHH” factor. We all know it: it’s that exact feeling that you get when “Groove is in the Heart” comes on, that “OMG” when it was still “Oh my god.” This feeling is really rooted in the emotions that tracks like “Jump” and “Groove is in the Heart” bring back in most people.

Whether or not those two tracks are the ones that give you the “Ohhh” factor or not, there surely would have been ones in there that would have. Flosstradamus’ two hour plus set was really just two guys playing tracks that made you want to dance. It’s not about going to see Flosstradamus. It’s about going to dance to Flosstradamus.

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