Spinning Platters Weekly Guide to Bay Area Concerts, 3/31/10-4/6/10

by Dakin Hardwick on March 31, 2010

Looking for their city somewhere near Fillmore and Geary.

Our dear editor-in-chief posted this on the Spinning Platters twitter account:

SpinnPlatt Our concert calendar looks sad and lonely for the next two weeks. Someone talk us into something, please.

Which makes me realize that he needs this column more than anyone else. Just because Fauxchella is only two weeks away, doesn’t mean you can take a break!

Wednesday, March 31st

Hugh Cornwell (Formerly Of The Stranglers), Brad Brooks at The Red Devil Lounge, 9 PM

I’ve already talked this show up before on this site, complete with interview. It’s cold & windy out there tonight, so what better way to take that in then some old school english punk rock?

Laura Gibson + Ethan Rose, Emily Jane White, Garrett Pierce at Rickshaw Stop, 8 PM

Just a little tip, every single artist on this bill could easily be a $15 show, but tonight it’s only $9.99!!!

Thursday, April 1st

Terror, Ignite, Hour Of The Wolf, Crucified, Boundaries at Thee Parkside, 8:30 PM

A long time ago, working at a music store in the Financial District, I decided to put the CD of a wonderful melodic hardcore band into one of the listening stations. That band was Ignite. A few months later I go see The Misfits, and word can move in pretty crazy ways, because I’m told that the singer from Ignite was looking for me. He introduces himself, then gives me the biggest bear hug in history. That was pretty cool. They still sound great, and are still some of the nicest guys on earth.

Man/Miracle, Butterfly Bones, Red Blue Yellow, Beehive Spirit at Milk Bar, 8 PM

Friday, April 2nd

Veil Veil Vanish, Mister Loveless, Chambers, The Ferocious Few at Uptown Nightclub, 9 PM

The first Friday of every month at Oakland’s Uptown Nightclub is all local music with no cover. This month it also includes an MGMT listening party at 6, which is the time when all of the PBR is $2. Get there early, drink up on the cheap, but stay til the end, because Veil Veil Vanish’s post-no wave-goth-dance rock is worth the hyphens!

Larry Graham & Graham Central Station, Slave at The Regency Ballroom, 9 PM

Saturday, April 3rd

Flosstradamus, Sleazemore, Shane King at The Independent, 9 PM

If you are having a hard time finding the best dance party in history, look no further. If you are looking for a nice aerobic workout on a Saturday night? This is the best place you will release pheromones at in the whole bay!

The English Beat, The Impalers at Bimbo’s 365 Club, 8 PM

Sunday, April 4th

Ke$ha, Jay Sean, Iyaz at The Regency Ballroom, 8 PM

I’m embarrassed to say this, especially with the entire world able to read this, but I really like Ke$ha. I hate the dollar sign in her name, but I love catchy bubblegum pop music. Especially with lyrics like:

And now the dudes are lining up
Cause they hear we got swagger
But we kick em to the curb
Unless they look like Mick Jagger

Nobunny, The Bananas, Mayyors, The Rantouls, The Splinters, Sir Lord Raven at The New Parish, 8 PM

Monday, April 5th

Patty Griffin & Buddy Miller at Zellerbach Hall, 8 PM

Kelly Clarkson’s favorite songwriter and the man that made sure nobody was missing Jimmy Page on the Alison Krauss/Robert Plant tour are doing a collaboration tour that could be an awesome display of beautiful dark music played with near precision. They are also at The Fillmore on Wednesday, so NO EXCUSES!

Puddle Of Mudd, Burn Halo, Veer Union at Slim’s, 8 PM

I once played in a band where one of our songs was written during a Puddle Of Mudd show. Fuck yeah!

Tuesday, April 6th

Owl City, LIGHTS, Paper Route at The Fillmore, 6:30 PM

So what if this show is early enough that the kids can get a good night’s sleep before school the next ┬áday! Mr. I sound like Postal Service but at least a tour is going to get the seats sold, but Paper Route are one of the most epic live bands that I have ever seen! (Besides, if they go on at 6:30, you can be rocked plenty hard, then go do something grown up later!)

Adam Green, The Dead Trees at Cafe du Nord, 8 PM

Where’s our Moldy Peaches reunion already?!?!?!?!?

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