Show Review: Neon Indian at The Mezzanine, 3/26/10

by David Price on March 27, 2010

Coming up with a new way to rock your world

It’s not hard to see why Spin magazine calls Neon Indian one of the top ten bands most likely to break in 2010. There’s nothing to dislike. Beats that demand dancing and vocal melodies that layer with funky 80’s synth so well, you’d have to be a regular Principal Belding not to like the energetic romp of Neon Indian.

Spinning Platters didn’t get a chance to cover Neon Indian in Austin this year for SXSW, mainly, well entirely, due to the fact that we knew that we’d be at this show. Good call Spinning Platters talking heads! The show tonight was entirely driven by the audience. For a band that’s relatively new and has only played San Francisco once before, the anticipation was enormous. If there was ever a time to proclaim “hype band,” now would be the time. It’s interesting to see so much anticipation for a band that, lets face it, probably 90% of the occupants had never seen before. Like a pressure cooker, the tension built all upon the words of others. Finally the lid popped off and Neon Indian began their second show in SF. (Editor’s Note: We were there for the first, too.) Much to everyone ones pleasure, it was worth it.

Thank god for people who play synths and keyboards and actually look into it. Alan Palomo’s dancing and grooving was a real pleasure to watch, his big bushy hair flopping around as his body swayed left to right. It’s rhythmic and almost hypnotizing. Ronald Gierhart looks like one of those kids who went into his room with a guitar at 13, and didn’t come out until it was time to leave for college. Gierhart’s hair covers his glasses, and pretty much his entire face leading to this mysterious Cousin It type figure; if he only had a Bowler hat!

It probably goes without saying that Neon Indian will in fact be a band that we’ll all hear a lot about in the coming months. Don’t be surprised to see then roll though town a few more times before the end of the year: a summer festival and a fall tour if we’re placing bets. So, do yourself a favor and check them out when they do roll through because you may have already missed your chance to say “I knew about those guys before anybody did.”

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