Caroline’s SXSW 2010 Photo Highlights

by Caroline Hernandez on March 27, 2010


Rogue marketing.

Rounding out the various articles on SXSW 2010, is me, the reluctant writer. While I should have been recording back at the hotel all the awesome (and not so awesome) things I had witnessed in Austin like Dakin, I was too busy picking out my outfits, and blowing my nose. But then why didn’t I write a post-SXSW article like Gordon, you may ask? Well, I went and partied in Las Vegas instead. Or, how come I didn’t use my day off (Viva Cesar Chavez!) and create a cute and interesting post like Marie? To that, all I have to say is, I’m just lazy. But 9 days after the commencement of the festivities, here are my thoughts and my fuzzy pictures to illustrate the grandeur that is SXSW 2010.

In order to prepare myself for this year’s festival, I decided to cheat and use NPR’s 100 list to figure out which “it” acts I should see this year. Basia Bulat was one of the artists I chose off the list to check out, and to my pleasant surprise, was actually the first show we saw on Wednesday at the Paste Party. I wasn’t disappointed.

You Say Party! We Say Die! was this year’s Titus Andronicus for me. I wasn’t familiar with them prior to seeing them at the Canadian Party, but became a converted fan immediately. I’m a sucker for anything I can dance to, and their brand of glamorous dance-pop really hit the spot. I only got to see them twice, but would have gladly followed them around Austin’s venues given the opportunity.

I picked this Levi’s Fader Fort show as one of my highlight moments because I had mentioned earlier that day that I wanted to hear “Welcome To Jamrock”. That song is the s#$%, and I knew hearing it live would be sweet. As soon as the beats started, I was happy.

Juan in a Million was a breakfast taco place we ate at one day. I think this picture does all the talking.

As soon as I realized Douglas Smith was the lead singer of his Orchestra, I had to go see them. I love Big Love, and wanted to gush over “Ben”. However I eventually realized that would have been inappropriate and probably awkward for everyone involved. Instead, I watched politely, enjoying the sweetness of their music and the bands sense of humor as they offered up a piñata to the crowd for sacrifice. The best part was when Marie hit it over the head with an empty beer bottle. Rock n’ Roll.

I’ve been listening to Stone Temple Pilots for as long as I can remember. They are living legends as far as I’m concerned, and the fact that I hadn’t seen them perform prior to their appearance at the Austin Music Hall was a travesty. Scott sounded great; they kept the new songs to a minimum, and even brought out an original member of The Doors as a special guest.

The Black Keys. Probably my favorite band of the moment. I didn’t stand a chance at seeing them play at Mohawk because of the crazy line outside. Luckily for me, I’m loosely affiliated with Spinning Platters, part of the Mog network! Thanks to Gordon and his connection at the party for getting me into the VIP section. I was cold, drunk, and ecstatic with my love of the Keys.

I’m obsessed with Nneka right now. I listened to her album, Concrete Jungle, non-stop in week leading up to SXSW and made a special point to see her showcase. It seemed to take her a couple of songs to warm up to performing, but once she did, it was amazing. Her voice is delicate, but the way she projects it is incredible. And her bassist was one funky mother-f#$%&@.

This is probably the best picture I took over the entire trip, and is representative of the awesome group I had the good fortune of spending my time with. The shows in which I got to hang out with my SP buddies were the most enjoyable, and the most memorable.

These were kept in pristine condition throughout my Austin excursion. However, my immaculately white chucks met their demise at the last showcase of the trip. The most-pit at Fucked Up, well, fucked my shoes up. But it was my first mosh-pit experience, and for that, I’m totally at peace with my dirty shoes.

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Marie Carney March 27, 2010 at 8:09 am

Cons are supposed to be dirty! They look lovely like that.
and I don’t know how much slacking you did if you’re only one day after me. 🙂


Caroline March 27, 2010 at 11:54 am

As soon as I saw your post go up, I felt the pressure. I was pretty much thinking about it the rest of the day. It was fun going through my photos though. I have to send you a couple.


Marie Carney March 27, 2010 at 12:33 pm

Yes you do! I couldn’t put a his Orchestra photo on my post cause I didn’t have any! *sobs*

Dakin March 27, 2010 at 10:46 am

Every sentence in that post made me smile, therefore the 9 day wait was well worth it!


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