Spinning Platters Podcast Episode 19 – We Are the Wolves in the Throne Room

by Gordon Elgart on March 13, 2010

This podcast is Number One

Episode 19 of the Spinning Platters podcast is a two-part affair where Gordon, Dakin and D.P. welcome Gabe and Amy from Sonic Living into the Studio on New Montgomery for our official SXSW preview episode. We discuss how we each approach seeing as many of the nearly 2000 bands playing as we can (including some insiders’ tips), and go off into assorted topics like the genius of R. Kelly, what it’s like working at Pixar, and more. You can subscribe by pushing the giant button to your left, or you can listen within.

1. Gordon’s listening to Rabbit!

2. Gabe’s listening to R. Kelly

3. Dakin’s listening to the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato

4. We discuss SXSW and tangents for so long, we break the podcast into two parts!





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