New Release Round Up 3/9/2010 – 38 Instant Album Reviews

by Pouria Yazdi on March 11, 2010

Does Pouria think that this guy delivers?

There was a lot of boring crap for most of my listens. A few fun gems in there like Prizzy Prizzy Please and Via Audio’s Animalore.

Beat The Devil’s Tattoo by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – I imagine a band with such a name to be threatening, especially with their lyrics about spitting in your eyes. They are not threatening and the music is mediocre.

Broken Bells by Broken Bells – Sounds like a band that’s experimenting. Sound like novice scientists. Sometimes the formula appeals to my ears like with “The Ghost Inside” but mostly the tracks sound similar.

Valleys Of Neptune by Jimi Hendrix – This is technically a new album right? I mean this guy is totally dead but people still listen to him religiously. It’s not like we’ve missed any of these songs but hey, dead people love making albums. Zombie music.

Plastic Beach by Gorillaz – With all these guest spots it’s surprising how boring this album is.

The Winter of Mixed Drinks by Frightened Rabbit – First off, great album title. This is not like a mind-blowingly awesome album but it is pretty great. We all know how much I love those love-lorn Scottish bands. Frightened Rabbit’s gonna be here soon; go to their live show, it rules.

The Louisville Light Sessions EP by Matisyahu – Dude. Reggae. Ugh.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony – When I was in middle school your friends were determined by whether or not you liked Bone Thugs. I like them.

The Last Place You’ll Look by We Were Promised Jetpacks – An EP from one of my favorite live bands. Not too in love with this EP, lacks the live energy. Really laid back.

32 Karat Juice II by OJ Da Juiceman – Does USPS sponsor this guy? No wonder they’re failing as a business.

The Monitor by Titus Andronicus – Like a revival/rocky/indie album. Full of upbeat and fun music. It has weird track titles that are supposed to be smart. I am not smart.

El Turista by Josh Rouse – I really don’t have the patience to be swooned.

Super 6 by Jesse & Joy – These people look like they’re in love.

To Wit To Woo by Jason Collett – First track reminds me of The Stooges…but mostly Bob Dylan here. Lots of fact past good Dylan…but then he sings a love song to Canada. Barf.

Rat A Tat Tat by Jason Collett – Two albums in one day? Whatevs. They’re both cool. I’ve always liked Collett and I really dig the funky bass on “Love Is A Dirt Word.” He can get a little too mumbly and annoying but that’s okay because he doesn’t use it as a crutch.

Land of Make Believe by Kidz In the Hall – Man. The intro is like this. “I have conflicting surface issues, and man they’re really deep. Pass me my expensive designer stuff. I am really thoughtful and insightful.” If you can get down with that good job. I can’t.

jj nº 3 by jj – I can feel the flow of life leaving my wrists as I listen to the first track. All about grinding till you die. But not in the bump and grind sense. Also sounds like you’re on a Virgin America flight. You know the background music behind the safety instructions, but if that music had lyrics about dying from heroin and stuff.

Prizzy Prizzy Please by Prizzy Prizzy Please – This album is fun, punky, sci-fi, geeky, and cool. Plus it’s only like 25 minutes. Campfire Girl’s Weekend Party is the funnest track on here. You’ll be dancing around your house in your undies during this jam.

Time and Temperature by Judson Claiborne – Thought this was gonna be some lady for some reason. But it’s like a more accessible Wild Beasts/Cold War Kids. This album gives me a hopeful outlook on things in general. Like my pizza today is going to be great even though my love life isn’t.

Beehive by JFK (of MSTRKRFT) & St. Mandrew – I bet it’s good live. Not like I’d queue this up everyday though.

San Patricio by The Chieftains – At first I was like the next Buena Vista, but more like this thing is played in high end Mexican restaurants. It’s a mix of music from Ireland and Mexico. Like that one restaurant.

Sisterworld by Liars – Way too much happening for me. Sometimes sounds like a Beck track others like The Doors. Movin’ on.

The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night by The Besnard Lakes – There is nothing unserious about this album. Thick vocals on thick guitars. I have some friends who will REALLY like this, I think.

Stridulum – EP by Zola Jesus – You know Bat for Lashes and Florence and the Machine type stuff.

Home Acres by Aloha – Pop rock.

The Supplier by Red Cafe – General of Bling-Bloaw city. I guess it’s a mixtape cuz it keeps switching its mind how many styles it’s got going, and how much filtering his voice gets.

Saturday Looks Good to Me by Saturday Looks Good To Me – At first I was like, “Is this good?” Then I was like no.

Stuck On Nothing by Free Energy – I guess it’s okay they’re using cowbell, though a little cliché. I really dug them live and they sound good on the headphones. Have some issue with the vocals, they sound better live.

Cutecumber EP by The Seekers – Too much of a rubber band sound going on for me.

Everything Remains (As It Never Was) by Eluveitie – I mean it’s not offensive, it’s just metal with like various sorts of folk instruments.

Untouchable by Before Their Eyes – One of those albums that go from unintelligible screeching, to hoarse yelling, to poppy vocals in the same song. Bah.

Daughters by Daughters – Not for me. Another metal thing from Hydra Head.

Heat Fetish by The Bled – Lala must hide all the metal in one lump so that it will give me an aneurysm.

Boston’s Boy by Sam Adams – He’s like a lonely boy band member or something. Uses of auto-tune and beats laden with strings and piano keys.

Through the Trees by Family of the Year – Not that it’s bad but mostly feels like I should have a bunch of kids, no job, and teach them the virtues of sharing and not showering etc.

Kairos by White Hinterland – Initially I thought I was going to be really annoyed by this album. But it’s like Little Dragon with more synths and more buzzy and jarring, I like this.

Verses by Timmy Curran – Totally for people who like to get walked all over by others.

Hadestown by Anais Mitchell – There are a lot of people on this album like Ani DiFranco and Justin Vernon. A lot of songs are about Hades which is cool and the lyrics are cool. There are 20 songs on here and I’d say 75% of them are worth a listen. Anais sounds like Joanna Newsom a bit, Justin Vernon sounds like Bon Iver because he is, and Greg Brown has a cool voice. Good album.

Animalore by Via Audio – I thought I was going to stop listening after the last album until this one started. It rules. Lots of fun and varied songs. Something on here for most…other than, like, hardcore peeps of course. Nothing hardcore on this album.

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Tony March 15, 2010 at 9:16 am

The Super Hyped Broken Bells and Gorillaz were both terribly boring to me. I stopped listening to Broken Bells about 5 songs in even though it continued playing in my headphones and Gorillaz I just couldn’t get past the 4th song at all.


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