Show Review: Kid Sister with Honor Roll at The New Parish, 2/28/10

by David Price on March 5, 2010


The bright lights shine on Kid Sister

The New Parish is such a new venue that this is the first time Spinning Platters have reviewed a show here. It shows, in that the paint isn’t all chipped, the upholstery is not ripped and the walls have not absorbed that smokey stench yet. The New Parish’s youth is also evident in their promoting, or lack there of. Tonight’s show has a draw of not more than 50 people. What did those 50 people see?

Trackademicks’ group the Honor Roll try and open up this crowd. However, the only person even worth mentioning is Trackademicks himself as the mismatching of the Honor Roll comes from a confusing mix of a guy with hard rhymes, a girl with hard rhymes, a skinny guy with more polished thought provoking shit, and then topped off with a good looking R&B singer who can actually hit some notes. The Honor Roll are a mixed matched group of different cultures of hip-hop that have no idea how to vibe together, zero chemistry on stage. The members of the Honor Roll would probably be decent on stage by themselves, but that’s the problem. They all seem to want to steal the stage, spit their own shit and not hype anyone.

Kid Sister jumps on stage with a very similar set to the one we saw a few months back at the Rickshaw Stop with Flosstradamus, entering with “Right Hand Hi.” It’s nice to see Kid Sis again. She has so much energy, it’s great, even with a crowd that could leave lot to be desired. Melissa jumps on stage with no difference, packed house or empty, that’s pro shit right there. Her set was rather stock, busting out with everything to be expected: “Pro Nails,” “Right Hand Hi,” “Control,” and “Switch Board.” If there is any benefit of seeing Kid Sis in an intimate venue like this is the fact that it’s easy to get close to her and let’s face it, she’s not hard on the eyes by any stretch of the imagination.

Kid Sister plays club music and is best enjoyed in her natural environment, the club, on a Friday or Saturday. Sunday night should be spent recovering from the Saturday night Kid Sister show, not trying to take in another. A Sunday night at a club could go well, but only if the club promotes it. Kid Sister puts on an extremely energetic show, probably more energetic then a Sunday night can handle.

Spinning Platters will be in Austin for SXSW in a few weeks, and Kid Sister will be playing with Flosstradamus at the Fools Gold showcase at Malverde, on March 19th, a Friday night, and there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that this show is going to be off the hook! So, we’ll check back with ya’ll on what a real Kid Sister show can be like, or just read our post from her last show because this wasn’t it, and despite Kid Sister’s best efforts, this show just fell short of how dope we know a Kid Sis show can be!

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