Noise Pop Show Review: We Were Promised Jetpacks at Slim’s, 2/27/10

by Pouria Yazdi on March 1, 2010

We were promised awesome

I feel like I’ve been on a music marathon this past week. And then, this Saturday was the show I’ve been looking most forward to. That night We Were Promised Jetpacks were back in town and I f’ing love them. Yes this review will be extremely positive because this was hands down the best show I’d seen as of yet during Noise Pop.

Slim’s was hosting the Jetpacks and this was a sold out show. The place was packed. Moving around and trying to get to the front proved to be difficult, but my friends and I got to the front. We all had our buzz on at that point, well more than a buzz. I had received some great personal news on Saturday and we were celebrating. I had been drinking since 5PM and it was now about 10:45PM.

I was feeling a little nauseous as it was super hot in there and I started dreaming up scenarios of puking on this someones back. Don’t worry, no puking was done by me. I was getting really impatient and wanted the band to start playing. They took the stage a around 11PM. Then the speakers started blaring the countdown voice from “A Half Built House.” The band took the stage and started off with “Keeping Warm.” By the 2nd song, “Quiet Little Voices,” the crowd was really into it.

What I find amazing is that everyone there knew about this rock band from Glasgow. Not only that but most of the crowd knew all the lyrics. The audience became a huge part of the show, shouting lyrics, doing choruses/backups, and just dancing their pants off. I too was dancing my pants off. The guy behind me though apparently didn’t know what kind of show he was at. He wanted me to stop jumping around and having a good time. He expressed this by holding my shoulders and asking me to stop dancing. I turned around and said, “No, no, no,” and kept dancing. I’m sure he realized how foolish that request was.

Basically this show was incredible. The lead singer seemed magnetically propelled by the microphone as he would jump back and forth towards it. He was screaming his guts out during every song, that is a crowd pleaser for sure. What really stuck out to me was that it felt like he still felt every pain and pang from the lyrics he was singing. Genuine. He even gave shout out to those who were at The Independent show last time (yay for me!).

My friend wanted to get all technical with me and tell me how he thought the drummer was really great, not technically, but that he really drove the band. These are the things I don’t pay attention to. What I know is that every single person at Slim’s experienced an incredible show. Sweat was dripping off every single band member. They gave it their all and the crowd was fueled by it.

We Were Promised Jetpacks set list from 2/27/10

1. Keeping Warm
2. Quiet Little Voices
3. Moving Clocks Run Slow
4. Unknown New Song
5. A Far Cry
6. It’s Thunder and Lightening
7. Roll Up Your Sleeves
8. This Is My House This Is My Home
9. Ships With Holes Will Sink
10. Short Bursts

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