New Release Round Up 2/23/10 – 30 Instant Album Reviews

by Pouria Yazdi on February 26, 2010

Nice drugs, dude.

There’s gonna be some more obscure stuff this week because I foolishly left lala running while I went to lunch. Missed out on some of the more popular stuff, but you’ll still be entertained.

This Addiction by Alkaline Trio – I think this is the second album this year so far that relates being in love to heroin addiction. I guess that’s true…wait actually it’s nothing like that. The rest of the album is pretty standard punk, nothing to amaze or say, “Fuck yea.”

American VI: Ain’t No Grave by Johnny Cash – I’ve never been one to lap up Johnny Cash on demand. Yea his life was pretty epic, yea he has a real cool voice, but not everything this guy puts out has to be great. This album sounds like other Johnny Cash albums, so I suppose if you’re into him you’re gonna think this is hot shit. There is a reason these songs weren’t put out while he was alive though, right? Feels like standing in an empty mall.

Steel Magnolia EP by Steel Magnolia – I like the way this duo sound together but I wish the subject matter went beyond typical country fair.

Of Men And Angels by The Rocket Summer – It’s respectable when you’re one dude who produces, writes, and performs most everything on your album. This album will appeal to young teens with ambitions of hope faith.

No Hay Imposibles by Chayanne – I couldn’t not add this to my queue. The album cover makes me question my sexuality, also I think it’s really significant how the two n’s in Chayanne are all stylistic. It means something right? This album makes me want to run on a beach, tearing longingly at my shirt.

Ali & Toumani by Ali Farka Touré, Toumani Diabaté – Pretty delightful and relaxing to listen to. Guitar kicks ass.

The Meat of Life by Clem Snide – First song is about Walmart Parking Lots. Reminds me of Glenn Phillips’ song about Fred Meyer. The rest of the album is great for stoners who like to recount past glories an stories.

True Devotion by Rocky Votolato – For some reason I thought I was going to be listening to an album by some gangster with a last name like that. Think of yourself in some really heart-wrenching scene of Friday Night lights.

I Liked It Better When You Had No Heart by Butch Walker – Sometimes like an egg-shaker-rock album sometimes like an Irish country folk album. Weird.

Estar De Moda No Esta De Moda by Tommy Torres – This guy pretty much has music down as a science, and it sounds like he’s using a formula. Some might refer to that as formulaic.

Twitter Music Volume 3 by Yung Berg – When did Twitter do other albums? Man, it even has the twitter logo on it, totally ruining any street cred this guy may have had. Unless using twitter makes you a bad ass…then I’d be way hard. “The Prince is Back” makes me feel like I’m having an epileptic seizure in slow motion.

Love & War by Daniel Merriweather – Eyes….are….slowly….closing…

I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone by Crime In Stereo – With song titles like “Drug Wolf” and “Queue Moderns” one would expect coolness. One does not find it though.

The Magician’s Private Library by Holly Miranda – Check out the review of this album.

Before & After by Carrie Newcomer – People who consider themselves pioneering would be really into this album. I mean like Manifest Destiny pioneers.

Infinity + 1 by A-Trak – I like it. Especially the remix of Bounce. Not like epoch defining or anything, but fun.

Sarah Buxton by Sarah Buxton – Forget some of the corny production elements, this gal writes some good songs. They feel honest although they’re a little weird in their production. I find myself really liking her. Neat.

I’m Still Here by Mindy McCready – I am really thinking that country may be the king of clichés. I used to think it was rap, but man, listen to this album for a lesson in supermarket aisle romance.

Press On by Sam & Ruby – Kind of has that Damien-Rice-Fuck-You vibe.

Remorsecapade by Woodhands – This album has one of the coolest album covers I’ve ever seen. The music is like a hipster-electronic-explosion. I imagine people in tights and fanny-packs dancing to this in some eighties montage video shot in a video arcade.

The Alphabet of Hurricanes by Tom McRae – Starts off with the most-in stringed instrument right now, the banjo. Good for those who always get hurt when they love too much.

Songs For A Sinking Ship by April Smith and the Great Picture Show – This album reminds me of an Erin McKeown album with the addition of heavy-hand at the production table. I like her voice and she has some potential yet.

European by Sambassadeur – Interesting. Lead singer sounds like lady from Magnetic Fields/Nico…it’s really interesting. Gets less interesting as album goes on.

Moon & Fog by Hossein Alizadeh – Do you like traditional Persian music? I sure as hell do. No really, I do.

The Ghostly Remixes by Osborne – This feels like an experiment where someone is pushing the boundaries on music. All you need is a beat right?

World Travels Fast by Decibully – Has ups and downs, mostly downs though. I mean some songs are real good, but mostly not.

Wooden Blankets by Blind Man’s Colour – Listen to the third track and the sixth tracks, thems is good. The rest is kind of loud.

…Paper Cuts… by Bambú – I liked the accordion up on the first track, until I’m pretty sure I noticed the same loop on the second track. In terms of content it’s project rap with a message. The message is to take responsibility for your life, respect yourself, and chase out outsiders out of the hoods with violence.

Down Home by Josh Williams – I was gonna talk about how honest this guy sounds, cuz he does, but his anecdotes are a little corny. But he is definitely not pop, this dude is country, or at least that’s what he sounds like.

Shoulda Kill’d Me 2010 by Pistol – Sounds like it’s out of a SNL skit.

True Believer by Matthew Barber – He thinks you’re gonna feel his love. He’s not sure.

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