Show Review: Vitalic at The Mezzanine, 2/20/10

by Pouria Yazdi on February 23, 2010

Friday night I had my housewarming party. It was filled with Scotch and dalliances; to say the next day was rough would be an understatement. I had to use a strength rivaled only by Conan the Barbarian to get out of my bed. That morning also happened to be the day Vitalic was in town.

The first time I listened to Vitalic’s Flashmob, I knew his show was going to be kick-ass. I searched for a tour date in the States only to have my hopes dashed, nothing in the coming months. Eventually I got my trusty update from Sonic Living, Vitalic was going to be playing at The Mezzanine. Sweet.

Fate had me set my housewarming the night before, my need to party hard had me hurting on Saturday. After the months of waiting I wasn’t sure I could go. I was tired and I didn’t know if I could get out on the floor and shake my groove thing. I kept looking for excuses to not go, but I had got one of my friends to buy a ticket, so I made my way out to The Mezzanine.

I got to the BART station and realized that this show would undoubtedly go beyond the last BART train, so I hopped back in my car and drove to the city. Parking was a bit of bitch, I finally got to the door around 10:30PM. Nisus was running his set when I strolled in. After checking my coat I started on my Dewar’s and soda set.

The crowd around Nisus grew and he really got the place going. I had never heard him before and I was pleasantly surprised. Sometime during his set I got into a little altercation with some Frenchmen. Pushing, accusations and eventual reconciliation, you know the deal. Sometimes those Dewar’s and sodas get my blood moving a little too much. But I couldn’t agree with the calming Frenchmen more, I did not want to cause trouble for “Veetaleek.”

Soon he took the stage and the crowd really got into it. My concert companion made it her mission to get us to the front. We eventually were no more than a handshake away from Vitalic. The crowd, energy, and sweat were drenching and surrounding me.

Concertgoers were continuously jumping up on the stage, then shooed away by security every few minutes. This pretty much happened for the duration of the show. Vitalic never seemed bothered, only energized by it. Driven by the music, people got on top of the speakers. It was awesome.

I danced myself sober. That is the way to gauge the worth of a show. If you sweat and move and dance so much that the alcohol has no choice but to be exiled from your pores, then your show was awesome.

I wish I could let you know what songs were played, but I was too busy dancing. I wish I had written more notes than “Veetaleek” and “Guys grabbin’ wrists,” but the show was too awesome.

Thanks Vitalic, I had a blast. Come back soon now.

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