New Release Round Up 2/9/10 – 28 Instant Album Reviews

by Pouria Yazdi on February 13, 2010

Neither the author nor Spinning Platters recommend smoking this many cigarettes at once.

I didn’t think I was going to finish up this week. Got sick through the middle. But the fortunes smile on all of you, your reviews are here.

130 Haywire by Josh Turner – I guess you’re supposed to fall in love with his baby blues and photoshopped reds. Or his at times deep voice. Or the same lame love songs that are so overly produced and then turned into cash cows.

Soldier of Love by Sade – This album is fucking cool. Makes you feel like you’re about to ruin some civilization of rivals, but within the hordes of those evil masses is the one you love. Your decision: eradicate evil or save the one you love. It rules.

Heligoland by Massive Attack – First track sounds almost like a children’s nursery rhyme. Don’t know if that’s good or bad. Rest of the album is smooth electronic goodness.

SCREAMWORKS: LOVE IN THEORY AND PRACTICE by HIM – 2nd track has some straight up 80’s inspirational synth and guitar riffs, I’m not entirely sure what this album is about. I mean I guess if you were a football star at your high school but never made it past junior college you might dig on this album. Might.

Another Round by Jaheim – Starts right away with an appeal to my funk bone. This album is enchanting me. The new standard for the bedroom.

Odd Blood by Yeasayer – Like I assume we’ve already reviewed this one. I think it’s cool. Very much synthed but whatever, it makes me feel cool.

The Rainwater Lp by Citizen Cope – Sounds like he just went to the dentist or like he is eating food or something. But the slowly trudging sound is appealing to me for some reason. I bet I would be okay listening to this if I lost the Friday night football game, and my girl was given me a real hard time about my school work, and I had a fake ID and was sitting at the local bar drowning my sorrows in bud lights…I’ve watched a lot of Friday Night Lights lately.

Ya-Ka-May by Galactic – Great party album.

Talking To You, Talking To Me by The Watson Twins – Sounds like a contemporary soul/folk album. Sleepy times.

Man Of The World by ALO – Some very good country rock. Being on Brushfire you’ll swear Jack Johnson is on a track and freak out in disappointment, but it’s like just one track. If you like listening to Marshall Tucker minus the jammie horns, plus with a bit of more traditional rock, then you’ll like this album.

Thin Thin Line by Kath Bloom – If the character that Maggie Gyllenhaal plays in Away We Go made an album it probably sound really close to this.

Bridge Carols by Laura Gibson & Ethan Rose – Less like music and more like being on the inside of Bjork’s head.

Somewhere In Time by Reckless Kelly – With a name like Reckless Kelly I thought it would be great. I don’t think well.

Future Sons & Daughters by AM – This album is good. In the way that when you’re at a comic convention and you pick up a book by some dude you don’t know and you read it and say, “Man, that’s good. I’m gonna tell me friends about this and buy this guy’s stuff.” But you never do. You should. But you don’t.

Crows by Allison Moorer – Holy smokes she’s good looking.

Eyelid Movies by Phantogram – I guess what it comes down to for me is, “Can I dance drunkenly to this?” I would say 100% yes to this album, while harboring a major crush for the lady on stage. The last thing is a plus.

Substance Abuse by Smoke Dza – Generally when an album has a hilarious cover and is hip-hop you’ve got to give it a chance, but I don’t know what I’m not liking about this album. Possibly it’s the sound that feels like it’s been filtered through a Styrofoam cup. Even the track with Devin The Dude isn’t going to keep me around for this one. I love The Dude.

What You’re Getting Into by Shannon Curfman – The album cover makes it look like it’s the first time she’s seen a camera, first time she’s worn make-up, and she thinks we’re going to steal her guitar. Pretty deep voice, cool guitar playin, just not appealing. Maybe if you’re the kind of girl who drives in a lifted truck, likes to cowgirl up, and has a general bad attitude then this would be up your alley.

Krowned by the Kings by The Dirtball – Like down-south rap or something. Like the variety that enjoys ho-downs and weed. Confusing a bit since he’s from Bend, OR. Maybe something is wrong with my headphones but the production is super clunky. Lyrics about getting drunk, stoned, angered, and lifed.

The Never Ending Way of ORwarriOR by Orphaned Land – Not sure exactly what this is. Like if there were two radios, one was on a metal station and the other on world music, and then someone pressed record.

Autonomous by Outputmessage – Really poppy electronic music. Nothing outstanding about it.

It’s Not As Bad As It Looks by Jon Dee Graham – I think if you said you liked this guy you’d think you really know a lot about music. Apparently he was named Austin Musician of the Year during SXSW in 2006 (thanks Wikipedia). I don’t know what that means but has a The Hold Steady vibe.

What To Say by Daphne Willis – Folksy cutesy lyrics about relationships and shit. Zee Avi fans would be pleased.

Truth on Tape by Smile Smile – A song on this album will most likely be featured in the next indie-movie hit featuring a character like that of Michael Cera or written by the likes of a Diablo Cody.

Embrace The Storm by Stream Of Passion – Too much passion.

Journal of Ardency by Class Actress – Totally good album. Playing with Little Boots soon, go check them out cuz Dragonette is playing too. Gonna be an awesome show.

The Goat Speaks by The Goat & The Occasional Others – Another band that seems like it would be fun to see live for completely different reasons than Class Actress. At this show you’d get sweaty and flail about, that’s fun too.

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Dakin February 13, 2010 at 6:19 pm

Allison Moorer is very pretty, and her husband, though very talented, is one of the ugliest men alive. It gives hope to all!


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