New Release Round Up, 1/26/10 – 26 Instant Album Reviews

by Pouria Yazdi on January 29, 2010

Pouria mentioning Kidz Bop in his intro is a great excuse for running this classic still from their "Since U Been Gone" video

Kidz Bop is really awful and weird and I swear it was on American Idol last night. Not that I watch that or anything.

Realism by The Magnetic Fields – It’s the Magnetic Fields. It’s good. Big surprise.

What Is Love? by Never Shout Never – If you had to listen to this album over and over you’d probably either go on a murder rampage or you’d be irreparably damaged. I am not saying it’s bad though, it’s totally cute. If you have a girl who you’re trying to get to fall for you then one of these short but sweet songs would totally sway the levels in your favor. Give it a listen, at 24 minutes you don’t have much to lose. Then you can go back to watching Jersey Shore.

Teen Dream by Beach House – This album rules.

Need You Now by Lady Antebellum – I’m going to lay my rep on the line here and say I like this album. I usually don’t like country pop but there is something unusually appealing about this album. Sorry guys.

Songs From The Heart by Celtic Woman – First track is “Fields of Gold.”  ‘Nuff said.

The Sea by Corinne Bailey Rae – Her voice is super interesting, sexy, and soulful. Has hints of indie in it. I think I love her. I don’t even know what she looks like.

IRM by Charlotte Gainsbourg – This album is pretty confusing. Sometimes it’s alright and sometimes it’s boring. I guess that’s not confusing it all; people will most likely find this album ho-hummable.

Zephyr by Basement Jaxx – Experimental electro music to make you fall asleep.

Love Songs by Vince Gill – Words cannot express how much Vince Gill believes in love between a man and a woman. Luckily he has this album full of songs to express it for everyone else.

There Is Love In You by Four Tet – Really dug this album. Reminded me of Michael Good. Electronic happiness

Heart Of My Own by Basia Bulat – Pretty much a folksy voice with some music that is supposed to impact everything about your soul. It encompasses all of your soul and then says, “I’m serious.” Your choice to believe it or not.

Planets Of Old – EP by Cave In – Lots of shredding and lyrics and noise. Not the most ideal thing to listen to when you’re at work for too long.

One-Armed Bandit by Jaga Jazzist – I dig this. Kind of like crazy electronic music that isn’t made to make you dance but rather tune out the people around you. Also to make you feel part of a futuristic world.

Dream Get Together by Citay – You know when you’re absentmindedly listening to stuff and then something wakes you up from your slumber? Welcome to Citay.

Veracity by Evacuate Chicago – When I can listen to metal does it mean that it’s not metal since I’m such a square? Or that maybe it’s really good metal because it appeals to me? I don’t know, it still is metal though. Lyrics about being offended by life.

Glorious Day by Overmountain Men – As if you’re uncle has been playing guitar all his life and writing lyrics and finally decided to put an album together. Have I used this joke before? I don’t know.

Postdata by Postdata – The angry cover belies the very sad music on the inside. That’s a double entendre by the way.

Campfire Songs by Animal Collective – It’s like putting all your thoughts into songs…all the mixed up and random thoughts with crazy noises and backgrounds of animals and streams and insects…I’d almost cal it world music.

KIDZ BOP 17 by Kidz Bop Kids – So Gordon made me make sure I added this to the list of albums I listened to this week. I thought it was going to be some indie shit…and I guess it kinda is. I mean only a small subset of people would listen to this. First of all, it’s an album of recent popular songs sung by children. They sing songs about getting drunk in the club, stalkers, and that have sexual undertones. A perfect album for NAMBLA I suppose. Also they use a numbering system like porn movies…who else numbers a series up to 17. Yeesh.

The Emptiness by Alesana – One of those bands that intersperses periods of grating vocals that sound like a demonic monster with those of someone singing like a human being. It’s pretty alterna.

Romance Is Boring by Los Campesinos! – I was at medium wood on their last album and now I’m medium high. I mean, I feel like this album is better but they sound a little bit like Good Shoes sometimes. I think the lady vocalist has some chops.

The Big Black and The Blue by First Aid Kit – For some reason I wanted to dislike this album, but I couldn’t. It’s really honest and clean in it’s sound. If you like listening to the ladies singing folk songs that make you feel like you’re in some high-brow Appalachian drama, then this is your cup of moonshine. Plus they even use a metaphor that utilizes the innocence of stillborns.

Hot by Inna – I mean it’s total cheese, but good cheese. Like if you were drunk in the club you’d be way dancing to this.

Eggs by Oh No Ono – Oh no indeed.

Help Me! Help Me! by Lucy Schwartz – The album cover makes me think this is going to be all crazy and shit. But it’s totally sad lady music. Like the kind you listen to when it’s raining, you’re by yourself, arms crossed across your chest, glass of wine in your hand, and you’re staring longingly outside the window. That’s the kind of album it is.

No Hope, No Future by Good Shoes – Not as fun or as much energy as Think Before you Speak, but I’d still check them out live if they ever made it stateside.

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Tony January 29, 2010 at 10:43 am

I really liked the Lady Antabellum singles but was disappointed in the album.

Never Shout Never started off OK but quickly got depressing.

Corinne is a pretty big star to not know what she looks like (LOL) the album is about her husband that died though.

I liked that Beach House album also though it did not have much variety.

I’m a fan of Los Camp also.

Good read as always.


Dakin January 29, 2010 at 1:58 pm

Seriously? Charlotte Gainsbourg is ho-hum? I just don’t understand how… That album is so wonderfully weird!


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