Spinning Platters Weekly Guide To Bay Area Concerts: January 20th-January 26th

by Dakin Hardwick on January 19, 2010

Grace Jones Picture. Why Not?

Coachella was announced today. Pretty good. Pretty much on the other side of the state. And four months away. Musicians work far more often than that. Why don’t you seen them cold and indoors? ¬†Sorry that I don’t have Grace Jones to offer you, but here are other things!

Wednesday, January 20th

Winston Tong, The Grave Brothers Deluxe, Mark Matos & Os Beaches at Bottom Of The Hill, 9 PM

Winston Tong was once in the classic experimental new wave group Tuxedomoon. He is a local legend, on par with The Residents, and this show will be a wonderful synth punk head trip with all kinds of wonderful weird film footage.

White Denim, Brazos, Black & Gallagher (of Apollo Sunshine) at The Independent, 8 PM

AA Bondy, Willy Mason at Cafe du Nord, 8 PM

Thursday, January 21st

Anti-Flag, Aiden, Cancer Bats, Broadway Calls at Slims, 7:30 PM

At one point in time, punk rock was very, very political. As time as gone by, the genre has gone considerably less political, but a handful of bands have managed to still hold the protest song dear. Anti-Flag have managed to create an entire career out of the protest song. And everyone one of them is pure aggressive ear candy that is thoroughly researched.

Ninja Academy, We Be The Echo,Opus Desperdi, Bloodysnowman, Mujaheddin Bernstein Affair at 924 Gilman St, 8 PM (Also appearing at Hemlock Tavern, 1/22)

Friday, January 22nd

The Devil Makes Three, Trampled By Turtles at The Independent, 9 PM

Acoustic music is always best when it’s a little bit insane. The Devil Makes Three are really insane, therefore this show should be really awesome. In fact, so awesome that it couldn’t be contained by a single day. (Also Appearing 1/23)

West Indian Girl, Birdmonster, Orange Peels at Bottom Of The Hill, 10 PM

Saturday, January 23rd

Movits!, Birds & Batteries, OONA at Bottom Of The Hill, 10 PM

I really like Movits!. They are a Swedish rap group. They primarily use swing samples. They wear tuxedos. They rap in Swedish. You will like them, too. Go see Movits!!

The Phenomonauts, Maldroid, The Cons, Shauna Regan at Rickshaw Stop, 8 PM

Sunday, January 24th

Mindy Smith, Landon Pigg at The Independent, 8 PM

Mindy Smith has one of the most stunning voices in country music, a genre filled with stunning voices. Her stage presence is sweet and just a little bit “crazy.”

Persephone’s Bees, Bigbang at Cafe du Nord, 8 PM

Monday, January 25th

The Webb Sisters, Jesse Denatle at Cafe du Nord, 8 PM

They were hand picked by none other than Leonard Cohen to handle back up harmonies on his epic comeback tour. Do you need any other reason to go to this show? (Also appearing 1/26)

Tuesday, January 26th

The Grascals, Keystone Station at Great American Music Hall, 8 PM

The Grascals are much younger than Dolly Parton, which makes it hard to explain that they were very influential in the development of her more recent sound. They even played on her more recent, bluegrass influenced record.

Phoenix, The Soft Pack at The Fillmore, 8 PM

I’m not linking to this show because you didn’t get tickets. That’s okay, neither did we. This is kind of a big deal show. 1,100 people got tickets, but I have no idea who they are.

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