New Release Round Up 11/24/09 – 20 Instant Album Reviews

by Pouria Yazdi on November 27, 2009

Not a new release; rather, the editor's favorite Thanksgiving music.

Not a new release; rather, the editor's favorite Thanksgiving music.

With Turkey day here. my mind is focused on cooking two heritage turkeys. Lucky for you I still listen to music during this intense focusing.

Fall Be Kind EP by Animal Collective – You know that scene where Dewey Cox is in the studio and there are like elephants and world musicians from every country and Dewey is going out of his mind? Sometimes this is what I think about when listening to Animal Collective.

All Or Nothing by Jay Sean – If I was super drunk on some dance floor and a song from this album came on, I would dance. But that’s not saying much because I’d pretty much dance to anything when super drunk and on a dance floor.

The Fame Monster by Lady GaGa – Well I guess it would be uncool of me to say this was a mediocre album. I got the impression that this felt like a dance album if you took the theatrics of Meatloaf, the girl powerness of some super girl power band, and the sassiness of a Queen Latifah, put it in a test tube, made a pale baby, and called it GaGa.

Rated R by Rihanna – Boring and slow.

For Your Entertainment by Adam Lambert – A pop album mixed with rockingly impressive falsettos. Decent enough.

She Wolf by Shakira – There is no mistaking how hot she is made to look on her album cover. Yeesh. The first track is pretty good, I was tapping my feet, surprising. I guess I really do like electropop. Sue me, I like this album.

I Dreamed A Dream by Susan Boyle – Yes she has a great voice. Big deal. Only so many songs I can listen to after they all sound the same.

Cokie The Clown by NOFX – At less than 11 minutes this EP is a nice bite of punk. I was admittedly hesitant hitting that play button when I saw Cokie the clown on the album cover, but there is nothing to fear. The acoustic version of “My Orphan Year” kinda rules.

Unexpected by Angie Stone – I thought this was a pretty funky album. I liked most things about it, even the religious shiz (though I am not a religious shiz kind of guy). If you like to groove in your seat while you’re working, make sweet love to your lady, or get down on the get down then this album will please your ears.

Único by Alejandra Guzman – Has a but of a masculine aspect to her voice. First started off rocking then went off into this weird Monkey’s beat. Don’t know how much longer I can listen to this album.

Interplanetary Melodies by Sun Ra – What I think I know of Sun Ra is that my co-DJ during my pirate radio days played an album of theirs that was Batman centric…I think. There are some old school unissued songs on here, it’s pretty sweet actually.

White are the Waves by Papercuts – There are two songs on here. You may as well listen to it. I especially find the second song grooving. Or the last song. Whichever you prefer.

Activity Center by Tahiti 80 – The sound is really clean, like the dude is singing right into your ear. It’s really light and pleasant to listen to. If one were a hardcore fan I’d imagine them being really happy with life.

Hard Luck Stories by Ike Reilly – Pretty cool first track. Reminiscent of what I used to listen to back in JC but cooler. As the album goes on it pretty much becomes the album I would have listened to in JC. Lots of references to small town stories and smoking weed.

Mi Delirio by Anahi – I don’t really understand much of the language but this music is super fun to listen to. I also know Anahi is superfine.

May The Bridges I Burn Light The Way by Bass Clef – More than I expected. I was expecting annoying bass and whatnot, instead it’s thoughtful electronic music. Lots of cowbells. Don’t worry doesn’t skimp on the bass.

Alive As Fuck by Black Diamond Heavies – If you’re into Jon Spencer Blues Explosion or 20 Miles I think you’d dig this. Keys and drums with some heavily gritted vocals.

Alphabet 1968 by Black To Comm – Experimental rock that you can have in the background as you’re doing work and occasionally remember you’re listening to something.

Hustlers, Killers, And Thieves by Greg Hester – Feels like there is so many decades of soul clashing around. Not so much into the vocals.

On My Knees by RED – This is some pretty hip hop. I imagine myself gliding around the dance floor in Miami in some button up, with the two top buttons unbuttoned while my whispy loose fitting pants flow around.

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