Spinning Platters Weekly Guide To Bay Area Concerts: November 11th-November 17th

by Dakin Hardwick on November 11, 2009

Opening for Electric Six!!!!

Opening for Electric Six!!!!

More things to do in the Bay Area. All of them good. The greatest band ever is playing the Warfield on Friday, but here are better things to do.

Wednesday, November 11th

The Lawrence Arms, Teenage Bottlerocket, Cobra Skulls, Druglords Of The Avenues at Bottom Of The Hill, 8:30 PM

The great Illinois left-wing punk band, The Lawrence Arms have been quiet for the last few years. Side projects have toured, and vocalist Chris McCaughn did a some acoustic touring, but it’s nice to have them back in their old electric sound. (Also playing 11/11)

The Used, The Almost, Drive A at The Warfield, 7:30 PM

Thursday, November 12th

Electric Six, The Gay Blades, Millions Of Brazilians at The Independent, 8 PM

The Electric Six had a novelty hit with “Gay Bar” way back in 2003. Like most novelty hits, the band hasn’t had another hit since then, but they still seem to be a pretty good draw on the live circuit. This is because they remain a driving dance rock force to be reckoned with, and they will always pack in a sweaty good time!

The Drums, Annie (DJ Set) at 330 Ritch St (Popscene), 10 PM

Friday, November 13th

They Might Be Giants, Guggenheim Grotto at The Fillmore, 9 PM

They Might Be Giants are one of the most consistent live bands in rock n roll history. The performance is always entertaining, even when their material isn’t up to snuff. What makes this show especially exciting is the fact that legendary horn player Ralph Carney is sitting in with the group.

Fuck Buttons, Growing, Chen Santa Maria at Bottom Of The Hill, 10 PM

Saturday, November 14th

Missions Of Burma, Erase Errata at The Independent, 9 PM

Missions Of Burma are one of the greatest bands of the post-punk era, and they still are putting out great records that are equal parts challenging and danceable. San Francisco’s own Erase Erata may be the best band out there that pays tribute to this bygone era, while also pushing the envelope concerning what can be thought of as “dance” music.

The Mountain Goats, Final Fantasy at The Fillmore, 9 PM

Sunday, November 15th

The Black Heart Procession, Bellini at The Independent, 8 PM

Dark. Brooding. Genius. Audio catharsis. Musical Saw. You now have new plans for Sunday.

20 Minute Loop, True Margrit, Griddle at Bottom Of The Hill, 2 PM

Monday, November 16th

DJ Spooky, Mochipet at The Independent, 9 PM

Legend has it that many years ago, DJ Spooky played an in-store at a Virgin Megastore. The power went out, and he pulled out an acoustic bass, and blew the crowd away. I don’t know if this is true or not, but wouldn’t it be awesome to see somebody that legends are spoken of?

Tuesday, November 17th

Brokencyde, Breathe The Electric, There’s Ghosts, Blood On The Dancefloor at DNA Lounge, 7:30 PM

Our edit0r-in-chief HATES this band. He thinks that they may be the most painful thing to ever happen to music. I think this is one of the greatest music videos in history:

Julian Casablancas at The Regency Ballroom, 8 PM

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Vanessa Romero November 11, 2009 at 10:13 pm



Vanessa Romero November 11, 2009 at 10:16 pm

I have to agree with the head honcho here in saying that band was quite horrible.


Gordon Elgart November 11, 2009 at 11:46 pm

It’s nice to know the editor in chief has better taste than the managing editor. 😎

Since I am a benevolent editor in chief, I will allow your show recommendation to stay, but I’m wondering if there’s anything in our (imaginary) charter that would require you to sit through their show as a kind of penance.


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