Photo Gallery: Paramore, Paper Route, The Swellers at The Warfield, 11/10/09

by Caroline Hernandez on November 11, 2009


I usually never drink at shows. On occasion I might be up for a whiskey on the rocks, but rarely do I ever booze it up a show that I’m really into. I can’t tell you exactly why I decided to drink at this particular show; it could be because I was one of the handful of people over 21, or because I have the day off tomorrow (today) or whatever. The $7 it cost for a Red Stripe didn’t even deter me. It just felt like the right night to indulge, so I did. 2 beers, a whiskey on the rocks, and a shared Sex on the Beach with my companion later, I was thoroughly rocking out at the Paramore show.

After enjoying my liquid vices (and a couple of bathroom breaks) through the first two acts, The Swellers and the Paper Route, the show I was highly anticipating was finally set to begin. At this point, I realized this show was totally meant to make you, the audience, feel good. Looking around me at the sea of teenaged girls with the same haircut and skinny jeans, I realized, this ain’t no fucking indie rock show. People were here to express their adoration to the band in every form possible, be it band t-shirt or mimicked red/blonde hair color. I had no shame getting thoroughly buzzed, because I was completely anonymous in this crowd. No one cared if I sang every lyric to Paramore’s newest single, Ignorance, or if I jumped up and down and banged my head. Everyone else was doing the same thing, and I didn’t have to feel awkward or out of place.

I can totally appreciate a girl who wants to rock out, and Hayley Williams is a woman’s woman, who does just that. She doesn’t do her hair necessarily or wear a dress while she performs. Tonight, she sported a Minor Threat t-shirt and, of course, black skinny jeans. But why not? She’s thrashing her head around while she sings and all her fans are singing her lyrics right back to her.

Everything that would define a band as successful is apparent at this show. Sold out. The merch line never gave up, even after the show ended. Thousands of fans, including yours truly, singing along to new material from Paramore’s latest album, Brand New Eyes. This is a show every band dreams of having, and I’m totally glad I got to be a part of it. This isn’t some passing trend. This is the foundation of longevity.

I am a Paramore fan, and I’m not ashamed to admit it, even after the alcohol wears off. Here are my photo’s to prove it. (Disclaimer: my camera was once likened to a PlaySkool camera, that should give you an idea of the quality)

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Rick November 11, 2009 at 4:25 pm

i was right in the front. This concert was so amazing. The people, the music, the atmosphere. We were all brothers and sister that night rocking the shit out of it. Paramore rocks.


Dakin Hardwick November 11, 2009 at 5:24 pm

I like that you mentioned drinking and the Minor Threat t-shirt… I like irony.


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