New Release Round Up, 10/27/09 – 24 Instant Album Reviews

by Pouria Yazdi on October 31, 2009

Listened to Wolfmother; bought one of these.

Listened to Wolfmother; bought one of these.

Not very many albums this week. I am behind at work and going to South Korea next week. I am stoked and without further ado:

Sainthood by Tegan & Sara – What the fuck album cover? You freak me out. Also whenever I listen to a Tegan & Sara album it always sounds like someone is trying to get my attention through my headphones, so I look behind me but no one is there. Maybe this is the perfect spooky Halloween band. Overall catchy hooks and riffs that have generally climactic endings. Generally I’d say this is a good album.

Cosmic Egg by Wolfmother – If you like being immediately slapped in the face by rock, then you should listen to Cosmic Egg. With that unmistakable ’70’s logo font you know you’ll be wishing you had your very own Mach 1 Mustang to cruise the streets with.

If On A Winter’s Night by Sting – Oh Jeezus. This is like so crazy because if I was like 6 years old I would think this album is the shit. So I feel really embarrassed listening to this right now.

Save Me, San Francisco by Train – Feels like a mash-up of Everclear and Sugar Ray (from their only song, you know) without a heroin edge.

Strict Joy by The Swell Season – God this starts off so much better than Train. Do you like feeling sad? Make a lot of mistakes in your life? Damien Rice on your most faves? Then The Swell Season are right up your depressed alley. Go, ponder on events past.

Full Circle by Creed – Were you waiting for the Creed album? Yea me neither.

What Will We Be by Devendra Banhart – Legitimately fucking cool.

K.O.D. by Tech N9ne – I think Tech and Garth Ennis would be pretty good friends. They could really have a discussion that would be on the same level. Goth rap? Rap Goth? Can’t tell.

Congregation of the Damned by Atreyu – Like if albums were waves, and Atreyu were surfers they’d be shredding all over those waves. Almost sounds like a velociraptor squeaking the lyrics.

Evolution Of A Man by Brian McKnight – What more or less could you expect from a Brian McKnight album? This is an album to get sexed up to.

The Tonite Show With Messy Marv by Messy Marv – What can I say? I like this album for it’s very Gonzo style. Talkin’ about bustin’ on my baby mamas and my babies…pure golds.

The ‘One’ EP by The Brian Jonestown Massacre – I have heard very mixed reviews of BMJ. Some think they’re the most awesome band to have defecated on this planet. Others think of them as the by product of defecation. On this EP they sound like they’re always about to start a song, but never quite get there. Psychedelic jam band. Maybe an album with Bela Fleck is in the cards?

By A Thread by Gov’t Mule – I had no idea Gov’t Mule was still around. First song starts off with an Allman Bro’s feel…I guess since this an Allman Bro’s project that makes sense. If you like wailing guitars and jammy rock then you are crunchy.

Splendor in the Grass by Pink Martini – World music. Apparently this comes from the portion of the world called Portland. But don’t let that hip location fool you, this is classy music indeed. You would throw this album on to make your final move in your seduction. Make no mistake though, you would be hip for listening to this.

Into the Mirror by Minus The Bear – Not exactly sure what to make of this EP. Alternates between 80’s pop and Carlos Santana in the late 90’s. I find myself liking this EP, wondering what the full version will sound like.

Los Lobos Goes Disney by Los Lobos – So umm, there is no irony in that album title. Take it as you will.

Old Things New by Joe Nichols – Another formulaic country album. Girls that defy the social norms, drinking while listening to sad country, and old times. That being said, this guy doesn’t scream douche when you listen to him. In fact I’d say it’s a perfectly enjoyable listen. “Cheaper Than a Shrink” has pretty enjoyable subject matter.

Best of The Black President by Fela Kuti – There is no way this a new album in the sense of material because, you know, Fela is dead. But it seems like another best of album.

Never Been Gone by Carly Simon – Well. It’s not like she’s really changing her sound. This is folk music for people who like to hang out in quilt stores.

What We All Come To Need by Pelican – I like this album so far because they tell you up front what they do. Pretty much they have instruments and they rock out, they’d like you to join.

Cascades 7″ by Horse Feathers – Another Damien Rice-ish EP complete with the desolate and lonely guitar picking. This is not knocking it, but it is slow and sad music interspersed with moments of great activity.

All the Right Wrongs by Emily Osment – Surprisingly unbad. I mean it’s not great, but if you have a kid who doesn’t fit in or is under-served in the popular crowd, this is for you.

Tha Streetz Iz A Mutha by Kurupt – Workin’ overtime is not the time to be listenin’ to this album.

Fruit by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Cool. Spacey and Euro. Cute lead singer. What more could I ask for in a band?

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