Spinning Platters Picks Six: Songs For Getting Ready to Go Out

by Megan Costello on October 27, 2009

No one here knows why this picture is here.

No one knows why this picture is here.

The best thing about getting ready to go out is the cheesy cliche dance party in your room while half-dressed. There is a reason this scene is included in every teen film since the 80’s- it’s because it’s really fun to do and everyone does it. Even though I am beyond my teens, I still find myself jumping around my room singing into my lip gloss at least once a week a la Hillary Duff in the Lizzie McGuire Movie. (I mean, I never saw that movie. Who’s Lizzie McGuire?)

If you think you can stand the heat of being taunted by your roommates/neighbors/cat, here are my top 6 songs for getting ready to go out.

Me and Mia – Ted Leo & the Pharmacists

Mr. Leo hit the pop-rock nail on the head with this track. It is impossible to sit still when listening to this song. For this reason, I wouldn’t suggest it for the mascara portion of your make-up routine. But you should grab a hairbrush as soon as the song starts and be ready to pull a rockstar move with Ted Leo as he sings “Do you believe in something beautiful? Then get up and be it!” This song has the same effect as a can of Sparks would have were it still legal (may the sacred hipster beverage rest in peace).

That Beep – Architecture in Helsinki

“That Beep” is Architecture in Helsinki’s latest single, but it sounds nothing like their old stuff. It more like Architecture in Brooklyn, or Architecture in Rio. They decided to let Kellie Sutherland have a bit of time on lead vocals with the boys providing harmonized “beep.” And to flesh out the track Real McCoy style (see runner up songs), there’s some really low throaty backups. Singing along with the beeps is the perfect time to apply and blot lipstick. You could even give your mirror a kiss while you’re at it.

So Says I – The Shins

Dry your hair to this one. Bust out the blow drier for extra fun. Just do it.

Temptation – New Order

This one usually comes on when I’m deciding which shoes to wear. The “up down turn around” bit provides a cue to check what your chosen outfit will do when you are dancing and whether your shoes are going to kill you or not. The lyrics also give you a few good pick-up lines to use later, if that’s what you’re into.

A-Punk – Vampire Weekend

I know I’m supposed to hate this, especially if I’m about to go to a dive bar in the Mission. But just the fact that the video looks like a Gap ad makes it exactly the right song for throwing my monochromatic t-shirts and striped scarves around my room in a tizzy. And don’t tell anyone you heard it from me, but Vampire Weekend is a really great band.

The Ides – FrYars

This zaney little tune from London artist FrYars somehow blipped its way across my radar. The melodramatic jump over a disjointed toy piano melody that then gets picked up by a myriad of electronic instruments. It’s dancy, upbeat, but still a bit sinister- which is what a good night on the town should be. Let it bounce you out the door and into the night.


Brass in Pocket- Pretenders, In the Morning- Junior Boys, Call Me- Blondie, Another Night- Real McCoy

Megan Costello

radio dj and music reviewer stuck in the life of an architectural designer

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Gordon Elgart October 27, 2009 at 8:17 pm

This post is awesome. As an editor, just getting to go out and find the absolute best version of Temptation on Youtube was fun in and of itself.


Megan October 28, 2009 at 10:29 am

such a daunting task. almost as hard as sitting still when writing this all out.


Joel October 27, 2009 at 8:25 pm

This is definitely an only-on-Spinning-Platters post.


Marie Carney October 28, 2009 at 1:31 pm

I just want to say I love the Lizzie McGuire reference. 🙂
And yes, every girl does this. It is the highlight of going out, though my six would be quite different, though I guess that’ll be true for everyone.
And I agree, A-Punk is a great song.


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