Spinning Platters Weekly Guide To Bay Area Concerts: October 21st-October 27th

by Dakin Hardwick on October 21, 2009

Dragonette are playing Popscene this week!

Dragonette are playing Popscene this week!

We’re changing things around a bit, and I’m gonna start posting this on Wednesdays now. Which means: we missed Tuesday. The good news is, the best show of last night is getting repeated tonight, and the show that you were going to go to wasn’t so good, so we I think we did you a favor by not posting. So, on with the shows!

Wednesday, October 21st

Alice Cooper, Jetboy at  The Warfield, 8 PM

Alice Cooper is, probably the most influential stage performer in the history of music. Everyone from Kiss to Garth Brooks considered him to be the person they most aspired to be live. I will admit to disagreeing with him on nearly every political issue under the sun, but by all measures, he still puts on a fantastic show.

Brandi Carlile, Katie Herzig at The Fillmore, 8 PM

I am asking everyone that is attempting to see Weezer for free at The Regency Ballroom to walk down to Geary, and walk up to Fillmore and go to this show instead. Just trust me.

Thursday, October 22nd

Dragonette at 330 Ritch (Popscene), 10 PM

I’m a sucker for synthesizers, and for anything Canadian. So, of course, I was sold well before I heard this band. When fellow writer, Pouria, asked about this show, it led me on a mass exploration of them. They are matched my expectations 100%! Great minor key dance music, just disco enough to keep booties going. I consider them to be Ladytron’s siblings from across the Atlantic. If that wasn’t enough to convince you to see this band, check this out:

Heart, Kara Grainger at The Warfield, 9 PM

I can’t believe this show is on Goldstar.com. Heart are the first band to really breakdown the gender barrier in rock music. Sure, we’ve had female fronted acts before them, but they were all lead singers of bands where the men still took control. Heart did it themselves, and did it well.

Friday, October 23rd

Liam Finn & Eliza Jane, Jason Lyttle at The Independent, 9 PM

To any lucky souls that caught Eddie Veddar’s solo tour last year, they got to see Liam Finn make his American debut. Yes, he’s the son of one of the members of New Zealand’s favorite sons Crowded House, but has managed to make a name for himself without piggybacking on his father’s success. Enjoy a wonderful evening folk pop.

The Bouncing Souls, Bayside, Broadway Calls at Slim’s, 8 PM

The Bouncing Souls are twenty years old… Dearest me… I feel old. But, this will be a fun evening of classic pop-punk from the second golden era of the genre. (Also appearing 10/24)

Saturday, October 24th

Neil Young, No Doubt, Fleet Foxes, Monsters Of Folk, Wolfmother, Sheryl Crow, Chris Martin (Coldplay), Gavin Rossdale (Bush), Jimmy Buffett (Bridge School Benefit Concert) at Shoreline Amphitheater, 5 PM

Neil Young puts together this benefit concert for his school for the developmentally disabled every year. And every year, it’s the best show all year. He takes big stars, and has them play acoustic sets in low-key event. This year’s show has been selling very poorly, and it boggles my mind because it’s the strongest bill in years! If you are on the fence, or worried that the tickets are sold out or that the lawn will be too crowded, drop that thought. GO!!! (also appearing 10/25, but with Adam Sandler replacing Jimmy Buffett)

Mika, Gary Go at The Fox Theater – Oakland, 8 PM

Mika is the second signee to Casablanca Records in the new millennium. And, he does a wonderful job at keeping it the label’s glam disco reputation pure. His live show is epic and flamboyant, and I recommended seeing him once before you die.

Sunday, October 25th

The Gossip, MEN, We Are The World at The Regency Center, 8 PM

The Gossip are fronted by Beth Ditto, the best singer in the world, EVER! Seriously, she’s a great singer, and a great stage performer, and The Gossip are one of the top ten live acts in America today.

Rakim, Rhymefest at Slim’s, 8 PM

This should answer any questions about whether or not you should go to this show:

Monday, October 26th

Sunset Rubdown, tUnE-yArDs at Great American Music Hall, 8 PM

Now that Wolf Parade seem to play large venues and charge a bit more for tickets, this is your best chance at seeing any element of them in a reasonable size venue. But, even then, Sunset Rubdown are superior in nearly every way, and might eventual eclipse Spencer Krug’s other band in every way.

Tuesday, October 27th

Dead Man’s Bones at Bimbo’s 365 Club, 7:30 PM

Spooky children’s choir with attractive movie actor making the perfect Halloween warm up show. (Moved from The Swedish American Hall.)

The Heavy, Hottub at Slim’s, 8 PM

Aggressive soul music. The are everything that Detroit stands for, even the stuff that contradicts itself, which is okay, because they aren’t even American. They are The Noisette’s younger brothers and they are here to rock you.

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David Price October 21, 2009 at 9:15 pm

wow, you shafted KID SISTER and you have zero excuses!


Captain Sodomy October 22, 2009 at 12:30 pm

Nice, you mentioned Liam Finn.

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