Spinning Platters Podcast: Episode Six – I Can See This Podcast From My House

by Gordon Elgart on October 15, 2009

Are you a big fan of apples?

Are you a big fan of apples?

Episode 6 of the Spinning Platters podcast features guest Laura Hamilton discussing the pros and cons of ticket scalping, and sharing some of our favorite ticket scalping stories. We also do a final preview of the Treasure Island Music Festival.  As always, we go off on our crazy tangents, including a socialist rant from a surprising source.

We also discuss the following:

  1. Dakin’s listening to The Supremes
  2. Laura’s listening to Alice in Chains
  3. Gordon’s listening to Music Go Music
  4. Ticket scalping stories
  5. Treasure Island Music Festival
  6. Song of the Week


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A music nerd who probably uses that term too much. I have a deep love for bombastic, quirky and dynamic music.

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