Spinning Platters Weekly Guide To Bay Area Concerts: October 13th-October 19th

by Dakin Hardwick on October 13, 2009

Sadness be that it is merely an island of treasure, not a planet

Sadness be that it is merely an island of treasure, not a planet

As we all know, this weekend is the Treasure Island Music Festival.  It’s always a really good weekend, and the night shows are pretty awesome this year, too! I will be there, and you should, too! But, just in case you have a deep phobia of pirates and buried treasure, we’ve got a few more ideas for you:

Tuesday, October 13th

The Pogues, Devotchka, Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss at The Warfield, 8 PM

The Pogues are classic Celtic-Punk, and they made the intelligent move of reuniting just as Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphy’s made it big. Despite Shane MacGowan’s self-destruction, they remain energetic live. Devotchka are KFOG’s favorite gypsy-punk band. It’s a killer double-bill, and we highly recommend it. (The Pogues are also appearing at The Regency Ballroom 10/14)

Sunny Day Real Estate, The Jealous Sound at The Fillmore, 9 PM

Wednesday, October 14th

These Arms Are Snakes, DD/MM/YYYY, Glaciers at Bottom Of The Hill, 9 PM

These Arms Are Snakes are often mistakenly filed under ’emo.’ This is a horrendous mistake, and they may have hurt their popularity a bit. Instead, imagine a driving hard rock band in the style of Motorhead with a bit of Rush mixed in, and bashed over The Mars Volta’s head.

Thursday, October 15th

Moby, Kelly Scarr at The Warfield, 8 PM

There are a lot of great shows tonight, and a lot of difficult decisions to make. There are several reasons as to why one should pick Moby over everything else. He has a deep catalog of hit songs from every genre of music ever created, one of the tightest backing bands in rock music, and on top of everything else, a very unique and powerful stage persona. Yet, so do many other acts this evening. The reason you should go to this show is political. Our current state budget has virtually eliminated funding for battered women’s shelters in California. So Moby is giving every penny he earns from his California shows to state battered women’s shelters. So, please, enjoy this performance by Moby. Buy some merch. And give a little bit of something to help someone get out of a bad situation.

Gogol Bordello, Apostle Of Hustle at The Fox Theater – Oakland, 8 PM

KMFDM, Angelspit, Legion Within at The Regency, 8 PM

Say Anything, Eisley, Moneen, Moving Mountains at Slim’s, 7:30 PM

Friday, October 16th

Nellie McKay at Yoshi’s – SF, 8 & 10 PM

When Nellie McKay first came to national prominence, she was touted as Doris Day meets Eminem. She burst on to the scene with a spunk and ferocity that I have never seen before, and haven’t seen since. She is outspoken, talented, eccentric, intelligent, and stunning; the perfect balance of human. These shows have her performing music made famous by the great Doris Day, and she is playing all weekend long, so you have no excuses. You should see several shows!

Butthole Surfers, The Melvins, The Psychic Ills at The Regency, 8 PM

NoMeansNo, Triclops!, Disasteroid at The Uptown Nightclub, 9 PM

Saturday, October 17th

The Jesus Lizard, Killdozer, Black Elk at The Fillmore, 9 PM

So, while all of the kids are on the island listening to the bouncy pop music that’s stuck in 1984, the grown ups will be experiencing the pure adrenaline of real blistering rock ‘n’ roll played at breakneck speeds. The Jesus Lizard are messy and vulgar, and will burn more calories in their headlining set at the Fillmore than the state of Texas will all year.

Monsters Of Folk (Mike Mogis, Conor Oberst, M. Ward, and Yim Yames, in case you have been living under a rock) at The Fox Theater – Oakland, 8 PM

Sunday, October 18th

Adrian Belew, Lapdance Armageddon at Slim’s, 9 PM

Adrian Belew is a member of King Crimson. King Crimson are prog rock, but in a good way. Adrian Belew is one of the most creative and inventive guitar players in the history of music, just a few steps away from Ani DiFranco on the technique scale.

La Roux, Silver Swans, DJ Omar (Popscene) at Great American Music Hall, 9 PM

Monday, October 19th

The Beth Custer Ensemble at Yoshi’s, 8 PM

The Beach House, The Papercuts, DJ Andy Cabic (Vetiver) at Bottom Of The Hill, 8 PM

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Caroline October 15, 2009 at 11:22 am

Wait, Sunny Day Real Estate are touring? Do they have a new album out? I had no idea! =(


sarah October 15, 2009 at 4:10 pm

I'm going to my first Jesus Lizards show on Saturday. I'm both excited and a little scared. “Blistering rock at breakneck speeds” does not sound as comfortable as an easy chair, hot lemon tea and a nice book! But I'm sure it will be a kick butt time


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