Show Review: Little Boots and Music Go Music at The Independent, 9/19/09

by Gordon Elgart on September 22, 2009

We were dancing too much to use our cameras.

We were dancing too much to use our cameras.

A bunch of the Spinning Platters gang went to The Independent last night to see British pop sensation Little Boots perform on her first American tour.  Because we enjoyed the No Doubt review, where we all shared our brief remarks, we thought we’d repeat this.  Yes Giantess was also on the bill, but four fifths of us worked earlier that night, and got there only in time to see Music Go Music. So what did we think of Little Boots?  Were her boots made for walking out the door or for dancing the night away?

From Caroline Hernandez:

Initially, when I first listened to the Little Boots album I thought if Little Boots and Goldfrapp were both playing festival stages at the same time, I’d prefer to see Goldfrapp over Little Boots. However, this thought was extremely premature after watching Little Boots play the Independent last night. There were two openers, Yes Giantess who we missed, and Music Go Music who we delightfully did not miss. Music Go Music opened with the female lead singer bouncing out in what she proclaimed was a “eurotard”, accentuating the crests of the bones on her skinny body. The music was a funky, compilation of indie rock meets ABBA, making the set fun to both watch and dance along too.

Little Boots started with the lights turning down low, and several LED light strips illuminating the dark with flickering red and blue going up and down. The drummer, synth keyboardist and VIctoria Hesketh enter the stage and the show begins. Immediately I was drawn in, both by the audience’s enthusiasm and her charming stage presence. The picks for the evening were “Earthquake’, “Remedy” and “Heart’s Collide”. The whole show was a disco frenzy that gave the album depth and thoroughly expanded my appreciation.

From Gordon Elgart:

Normally, I gloss over the support band, but Music Go Music were awesome.  They merge the best bits of Abba, Blondie, and fun.  They should have been selling merch and CDs.  I would have bought said merch and CDs.

Little Boots came on pretty late, after 11:30, and played an hour-long set of electro dance pop, and I danced a lot.  She also commented on the fact that everyone has her album even though it doesn’t come out in the US until March.  She bounced around the stage some and played with lots of cool synthesizer toys (that will surely be mentioned by one of my colleagues).  My favorite bit was that she covered “Love Kills” by Giorgio Moroder and Freddie Mercury.  Not only do I love Freddie, but I also compared her music to Moroder’s on our podcast.  This makes me think that I was right, or even better, that she listens to our podcast.  It was a fun show that made me regret not seeing her at Glastonbury with thousands of dancing Brits.

From Heather Beaudry:

I was completely unaware of Little Boots when one of my music advisors informed me that I would like her. He was about to buy tickets for the show Saturday night. He played me a few minutes of Little Boots’ music and told me I should go the show. Easily convinced, I agreed to go looking forward to a night of Brit Pop fun. Perhaps not a fan at the time I walked into The Independent it was love at first sight. Bored to tears by the second opener, Music Go Music, Little Boots burst onto stage to wild enthusiasm from the crowd that was wonderfully contagious. I loved every minute of her performance. The songs are extremely danceable, I didn’t stop moving throughout the entire performance. Little Boots has the perfect blend of pop and techno beats. The lyrics are engaging and entertaining, with just the right amount of “catchiness” so that it happily repeats in your head.

My only complaint would be that the show was too short. However, I enjoyed every minute of it. I highly recommend that anyone who likes pop music to check out Little Boots. Disclaimer: for those extremely finicky people like myself, keep in mind she is awesome live because she brings to the stage an energy and excitement that is impossible to broadcast through speakers. This is the type of show I have been missing. I owe a big thanks to Little Boots for rekindling my desire to go to shows. Prior to this show I would look at going to shows as a drag with only a modicum of potential entertainment value. I was just at the wrong shows. If I could be a groupie for anybody it would be Little Boots. Maybe she needs an assistant…Victoria I’m available!

Thanks to Flickr user Skeable for sharing the photo.

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Marie Carney September 22, 2009 at 5:35 pm

This sounds way better than Henry VIII… *sobs*


Ben September 22, 2009 at 8:11 pm

Any chance that Little Boots is actually Bootsy Collins’ love child?


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