Spinning Platters Weekly Guide To Bay Area Concerts: August 11th-17th

by Dakin Hardwick on August 10, 2009



More live music in your region… And you thought there was nothing to do…

Tuesday, August 11th

Crooked Jades, Lady A & Her Heel Draggers at Cafe du Nord, 9:30 PM

Crooked Jades do a version of old-time folk music, and their lead singer has a deep baritone voice that is equal parts chilling and comforting.

Wednesday, August 12th

Vincent Gallo & Sean Lennon, Ghost Of A Saber Toothed Tiger at Red Devil Lounge, 8 PM

Vincent Gallo directed Buffalo ’66, an eccentric film designed to shock, but falls just shy of its goal. His work as a musician is much the same.  Sean Lennon is the single seed to be fertilized by the epic romance of Yoko Ono & John Lennon, and Sean managed to get his father’s good looks and ability to write hooks, while also inheriting his mother’s gift for experimentation and humor. I believe this collaboration may be a big disaster. This may also be another one of those grand practical jokes played on the world. No matter what, it will be an event of epic proportions.

Better Than Ezra, 16 Frames at The Independent, 8 PM

Thursday, August 13th

Trainwreck Riders, Fucking Buckaroos, Gunner at Thee Parkside, 9 PM

The Trainwreck Riders are one of the best things about living in San Francisco.  They are the best fusion of country music and old fashioned punk rock since Social Distortion first came out on the scene. This isn’t alt.country, just pure shit kicking rock n roll.

Dramarama, Trill Of It All at Red Devil Lounge, 8 PM

Friday, August 14th

Happy Birthday to Spinning Platters contributor Vanessa Romero!!

New Thrill Parade, al  Qaeda (w/ Mike Watt on bass), Dalmacio von Diamond and The Enochian Keys at Hemlock Tavern, 9 PM

New Thrill Parade do Oingo Boingo-inspired jazz-punk freakouts. al Qaeda do esoteric noise. Mike Watt is the greatest living bass player, well known for his work with The Minutemen, fIREhOSE and The Stooges, among other projects. We’re gonna get some wonderful pure chaos, because everyone is playing together tonight!

Arnocorps, Order Of The White Rose, Savage Machiine, Ghost Next Door at 924 Gilman, 8 PM

Saturday, August 15th

Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Soulja Boy, Drake at Sleep Train Pavillion @ Concord, 7 PM

Drake plays the guy in a wheelchair on Degrassi: The Next Generation, and recently injured his leg at a show. Soulja Boy has some of the catchiest songs in the world. Young Jeezy has given up hustling and found his social conscience . (He still enjoys cocaine, so don’t worry about that.) Lil Wayne is simultaneously the mastermind behind 2008’s most accessible pop hits while also writing some of the strangest lyrics in the world of pop music. This may be the best mainstream hip hop line up you’ll see.

NASA, Hollywood Holt, Fatlip (DJ Set) at The Independent, 9 PM

Sunday, August 16th

Loop!Station, Jill Tracy, Nicki Jaine at Cafe du Nord, 8 PM

Jill Tracy is a local songwriter that does neo-cabaret. Acts like the Dresden Dolls wouldn’t exist without artists like Jill Tracy paving the way.

Method Man & Redman, Ghostface Killah at Mezzanine, 8 PM

Monday, August 17th

Third Eye Blind at The Fox Theater, 8 PM

After grunge came a bit of a power-pop wave, and San Francisco’s Third Eye Blind were one of the biggest bands to come out of that movement. They fell of the radar when they put out Out Of The Vein, a weird and aggressive record that featured collaborations with Andrew WK and Kimya Dawson. They were dropped by Elektra records, and spent time on hiatus. They are now on a comeback mission, and will be playing all the power pop hits, and introduce some new songs.

Elvis Costello & The Sugarcanes at Mountain Winery, 8 PM

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