Spinning Platters Weekly Guide To Bay Area Concerts: August 4th-10th

by Dakin Hardwick on August 4, 2009

Reunited & playing the Shoreline on Wednesday!!!

Reunited and playing the Shoreline on Wednesday!!!

Here we go again… Make sure you take public transit or car pool!

Tuesday, August 4th

John Doe & The Sadies, Jill Sobule at The Great American Music Hall, 8 PM

John Doe is the bass player/co-vocalist for the seminal LA hardcore/punkabilly band X. The Sadies are the greatest alt.country band to come out of the great white north, where they seem to understand American country music far better than the Americans do. Get them together, and you have a riotous time where you’ll be crying in your beer one moment, and throwing it at the stage the next. Also appearing is Jill Sobule, who kissed a girl way before the girl from Santa Barbara with the boob job and the Jesus tattoo did.

Alejandro Escovedo, Triple Cobra at Bottom Of The Hill, 8 PM

Or you can go to the other punky alt.country show across town with an California punk icon. He opened for the Sex Pistols at Winterland, and he survived to tell about it.

Wednesday, August 5th

Phish at The Shoreline Amphitheater, 7 PM

To quote Carrie Brownstein, current NPR blogger and one time guitarist for the greatest band ever, Excuse 17, concerning why you need to see Phish: “I love the dedication that the fans show to Phish — their loyalty and thoroughness, their carefulness and, yes, the way they protect the band”

Roxy Epoxy & The Rebounds, Action Design, The Like-Me’s at The Blank Club, 9 PM (also at Uptown Nightclub, 8/6)

Thursday, August 6th

T.O.F.U. (Titties On A Fucking Unicycle), Angela Chase, Nerv at Annie’s Social Club, 8 PM

Never one to ignore a $5 punk show in one of my favorite venues in town. TOFU are straight up Mabuhay-style punk rock with cheeky lyrics and a cheekier name. Angela Chase are named after a character on the greatest TV show ever.  Should be a good time at a good price, and in this economy, that’s all that matters. Order up a Sparks and pogo it up!

The Blasters, The Doghouse Lords, The Strurs at Red Devil Lounge, 8 PM

Friday, August 7th

Underworld, Damien Lazarus at The Fox Theater, 8 PM

“you got a velvet mouth you’re so succulent and beautiful
shimmering and dirty wonderful and hot times on your
telephone line just god and everything on your telephone
and in walked an angel

look at me mom squatting pissed in the tube hole at
Tottenham Court (would I just come out of the ship) talking
to the most blonde I ever met

lager! lager! lager! lager!”

And now that you know what he’s saying, you’ll want to come, too!

Goapele, Social Unrest, Souls Of Mischief, Heavenly States, Dizzy Balloon, Maldroid, Superfinos VTO, Thrill Of It All, CU Next Weekend, Mystic Rage, Swann Danger, Fracas, 7th Street Band, art, bike exhibits and demos, magic shows at The Oakland Museum, 5  PM

In Reverent Fear (Stomacher), The Frail, Honest Thomas, Via Coma at Slims, 8 :30 PM

Saturday, August 8th

Los Amigos Invisibles at The Fillmore, 9 PM

Venezuela’s finest dance band returns to the United States for a bunch of sweaty disco-samba numbers tinged with a hint of psychedelic rock.

Sunn 0))),  The Accused at The Independent, 9 pm

Sunday, August 9th

Tot La Momposina, Nation Beat at  Stern Grove, 2 PM

Only 3 more Stern Grove afternoons left! This afternoon we have an indescribable performance that fuses together song, dance, storytelling, improv, and every other trick a performer can pull off.   Should be awesome, and it will be free!

Monday, August 10th

Heaven & Hell (Dio + Black Sabbath – Ozzy & Bill Ward), Coheed & Combria at The Warfield, 8 PM

Mariah Carey thinks that these singers work in their upper registers far too much.  Let’s see who can sing higher! Dear god… I know some fellow writers are going to this show, and Tony Iomni and Geezer Butler might be two of the greatest musicians alive, but the singing just seems like too much for me. Keep a Crash Test Dummies record at easy access to cleanse the palate.

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