10 Quick Questions for Hiroshi Narita, Manager of The G3 Lounge

by Dakin Hardwick on July 20, 2009

He's consumed by the music...

He's consumed by the music...

Hiroshia Narita is one of the 1st people I ever encountered in San Francisco. I was working at a music store in the financial district of San Francisco, and he was working in the mailroom at Universal Music & Video Distribution. Since my store closed and he was laid off from Universal, we’ve kept in pretty good touch. He’s managed to survive a lot of the changes in the industry, and still manages to work for the art form he cares deeply about. He currently manages the G3 Lounge at 3rd Ave and Geary in San Francisco! He took the time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for you, the reader.

Spinning Platters:  What made you decide to work in the music business?

Hiroshi Narita:  I went to SFSU MRI (Music/Recording Industry Program). I had an opportunity to work as an intern at Universal Music Distribution, then I was hired after the Universal/Polygram merger

SP: Give me a rundown of your average day, morning to morning

HN: Right now? I work 10-2 am

SP: What do you find more fulfilling: managing a club, selling records, or putting on club nights?

HN: Selling records & putting on good shows

SP: What prompted you to take over G3, considering it didn’t have a great reputation before you stepped in, and what are you doing to turn around it’s reputation? How have you dealt with this historically?

HN: My old club (Fat City) got taken over by their owners this past January. My friend’s wife owns G3 and he asked me to help her run this place. I have been trying to bring good bands/acts/events at G3 but it has been very difficult because of bad economic situation.

SP: Do you have any amusing stories from devoting your life to SF’s night life?

HN: I have created few cool club nights (D-tention, Fast times…etc) I am also turned around few night clubs (Cherry lounge, Fat city..etc) until they got shut down.

SP: Name the records that have affected your life the most:

HN: HANOI ROCKS -Oriental Beat, Guns and Roses- Appetite for Destruction

SP: From your major label distribution days, were there any bands that you thought would break, but never did?

HN:  Loudermilk
UTADA( okay this is a joke)
Basically a lot of the bands who were signed to Dreamworks at that point.

SP: Do you have any advice for musicians trying to break through in the current climate?

HN: Promote their music/ Write good music
Don’t promote their shows on myspace (It doesn’t work)
Do not tour around the country if they are not ready( It just waste your time)
Find good management/Entertainment lawyer.

SP: What is your fantasy booking?

HN: The bands/artists who were really talented but no longer exists
Ex. Johnny Thunders, Nirvana, Original line up with Alice in Chains…etc

SP: Puppies or Kittens?

HN: Pussy.

Next time in the Inner Richmond, be sure to drop in and check out G3! 3910 Geary Blvd at 3rd Ave!

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