Spinning Platters Weekly Tip Sheet: 6/30-7/6

by Dakin Hardwick on June 30, 2009

Playing Thursday at Bottom of The Hill

Playing Thursday at Bottom of The Hill

Sorry about last week… We at Spinningplatters.com hope you found something to do, and if not, hope that you aren’t blaming us for that. We know that you still need to write your aunt that thank you letter. You should do it now!

On with our Michael Jackson tribute!

Tuesday, June 30th

The B-52’s,  The 88 at Mountain Winery, 7:30 PM

Bill Callahan (smog), Bachlorette at Bimbo’s, 8 PM

Wednesday, July 1st

Up With People Fundraiser Variety Show at G3 Lounge (3910 Geary Blvd), 7 PM

This is going to be an evening of comedy, drag shows, and more, sure to knock you socks off! And, it was organized by my little brother, and it’s being held at a club that has recently been taken over in management by an old friend of mine, so if I don’t tell you to attend this event, my Christmas will be very sad this year… But seriously, it’s going to be fun. Cyndykay opened for my old band several years ago doing stand-up comedy, and she was the hit of the night!

Ani Difranco at Mountain Winery, 7:30 PM

I know a lot of you out there really don’t care for this woman. That is probably because you haven’t really heard her. She has an amazing voice, she has practically re-invented guitar playing, and is one of Bob Dylan’s favorite lyricists.  Expect a lot of funny stories, skilled musicianship, and minimal soap boxing at this show,

Deer Tick, Dawes,  Dusty Rhodes & The River at The Independent, 8 PM

Thursday, July 2nd

Mi Ami, Double Dagger, Beast Of Thought, Awesome Reality, DJ Awesome Tapes at The Knockout, 10 PM

Mi Ami are San Francisco’s answer to Melt-Banana. Jittery punk rock, with a little bit of funk and a need to veer off in to electro-bliss-scapes for short bursts.

Samiam, Nothingtons, The Gibbs, DJ Isaac at Bottom Of The Hill, 9 PM

Howard Jones at Red Devil Lounge, 8 PM (also 7/3)

Friday, July 3rd

Anti-Nowhere League, Duane Peters Gunfight, Cobra Skulls, Ashers, The Last Gang, Jakked Rabbits at Thee Parkside, 8 PM

Anti-Nowhere League were just another pissy UK punk band that would be forgotten about before the 80’s ended. Then, Metallica covered them for the 1st Garage Days EP, and the rest in rock n roll history. Now, every 12 year old boy in America wants to do horrible things with an old man and a goat!

Night Ranger at Alameda County Fair, 6 & 8 PM

Saturday, July 4th

Didimao, Hetocide, Santa Sangre, Entropy Destiny, DJ Jizzy James at Thee Parkside, 9 PM

Didimao are an off-shoot of the once great, now defunct gypsy punk band Full Moon Partisans. The original spirit of the band is intact, but the songs are much darker and far more layered than that of the original band. Celebrate the holiday by spending with a band that is genuinely representing what this country is all about.

Sunday, July 5th

The Hickoids, Serious Sam Barrett, Chris Jones at Thee Parkside, 4-7 PM

Want a bit more patriotism in your Fourth of July weekend? Why don’t you head to Thee Parkside for it’s weekly Twang Sundays, and enjoy some cow punk that’s more Minutemen than Conway Twitty.

Monday, July 6th

David Dondero, Milk Milk Lemonade at Hemlock Tavern, 7 PM

Conor Oberst once said that he stole everything he does from David Dondero. If you like your folk music a bit punky, with lotsa of lyrics being thrown at you, and every single one of them is important, then you should check this show out. Or, if you enjoy music, which you probably do, since you are reading this, you should check him out.

Reverend Horton Heat, Nekromantix at Great American Music Hall, 8 PM

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Caroline June 30, 2009 at 1:57 pm

I’m very sad I never got to see Full Moon Partisans live. Stupid USF!


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